Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Yesterday,me,Amanda,qiong min & Amanda's brother go Causeway point.We went to watch movie.Doreamon & Bee movie.Doreamon movie was so touching,I almost cry when I watch.Amanda really cry when she watch it.After watching it,we went to time zone and play.At 1:10,we went back to the cinema to watch Bee movie.It was really funny.Then after watching it,we go food court and eat our lunch.Later we went shopping for a while.At around 4+,Amanda's brother went back to Causeway point to find us.Cuz after watching Bee movie,he left to help his teacher.Later we go time zone & play again.The four of us very "good",We spent around $50+ playing game at time zone.Actually qiong min did not play much,is only me,Amanda and her brother was playing the game.

Feel like playing there again,but have to finish the holiday assignment first.Luckily I only left with English,Maths,POA & Geo.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A 'Steps' into the world of dance

Finally finish watching Steps.I love the ending of the show, romantic!!!Tsun(Steven Ma) propose to Sum Ying(Bernice Liu) in the 'snow'(the snow was man-made).
As for Karman(Fala Chen),is good that she realise her mistake.She was sentence to jail to to pushing Amanda down the stairs.
That Amanda,I hate her so much that I feel like slapping her.She's so...Don't wish to talk about her.

After watch Steps,I feel like learning the dance in the show.My godness,the dance is really pretty.I love Waltz & Rumba most.I love the music of both dance.So soothing.Especially Waltz,the music is really romantic.I love the costume of the dance too.It is like butterfly with the two 'wings' (the two pieces of cloth on the dress).

I really hope to learn all the dance in the show.I hope that Steps can have part 2 cuz I really wanna watch Tsun & Sum Ying.

Next show that I'm planing to watch is Survivor Laws 2 which is show on Dec 24.But in SG,the VCDs will be out around 3 days to 1 week later than HK.But I also have to see will there be anymore show coming up.If there is then maybe I will consider to watch 2 show at a time.(next month other than survivor laws 2,I still have lots of show to watch).I'm going to die already......

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Bosco & Myolie pictures

Credit to:Monalisa bridal

News on Raymond new album

Raymond Lam has proven to be one of the most promising and popular young actors in Hong Kong television. Since 2002, he has starred in numerous TVB dramas like A Step into the Past, Survivor's Law, and La Femme Desperado. Raymond turns a new leaf in his career in 2007 by officially signing with powerhouse label EEG. The star's singing talents have long been recognized from his many television theme songs, and now he's finally releasing his long-awaited album. His debut album features ten songs, including the title track "Fond of Searching For You in Memories" (Track 1) from the TV drama The Drive of Life in which Raymond stars alongside Myolie Wu.
This edition comes with a 2-track MV DVD.
Note: This product is available in three different covers. Customers who purchase this product will have one of the available covers selected for them at random.

Credit to

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Feeling sad & happy

After knowing the result for the TVB anniversary,I'm quite disappointed with it.All those who deserve to get,have got nothing,But those who do not deserve,got an award.Haizz,I really don't know how TVB think.

I feel happy is because at least Raymond got an award.But what I know from other is that,he look unhappy when he get Mainland most favourite actor.What I wanna say is that Raymond have already try he's best.This year cannot then maybe next year.I'm sure that one day,everyone will agree with him getting the awards.Hope next year he can be the same as Moses,got 2 awards at the anniversary.Or better still,get 3 awards.(Best Actor,Most Favourite Male Character & Mainland Most Favourite Actor).

As for Linda,I'm quite sad that she did not get anything,But like my friend say,she still young,have lots of chance to get the award.

Anyway,wish all of them the best for next year's.Now I'm waiting for next year's TVB anniversary.Hope next year can be better.All must Ka Yau!!!

**The Following is my own opinion.No offence to others**

Winners of TVB 40th anniversary award presentation

內地觀眾最喜愛TVB男主角: 林峰
內地觀眾最喜愛TVB女主角: 黎姿

最佳男主角: 陳豪
最佳女主角: 李司琪

我最喜愛的電視男角色: 陳豪
我最喜愛的電視女角色: 關菊英

飛躍進步男藝員: 崔建邦
飛躍進步女藝員: 徐子珊

最佳男配角: 阮兆祥
最佳女配角: 陳法拉

最佳劇集: 溏心風暴

最佳節目宣傳: 歲月風雲

最佳節目主持: 庾澄慶、鄧健泓

最具創意節目: 味分高下

最具欣賞價值大獎: 拾年

最佳綜藝資訊節目: 向世界出發

萬千星輝大獎: 沈殿霞

Thursday, 15 November 2007

2008 TVB show that I will watch

Show that I will watch

I've been waiting for this show for very long time.Actually,I wasn't interested in Young Four Great Constable.But because I watch another show which is also Four Great Constable.Then from that on I've develop a great interest to this show.When I heard that TVB is going to film this show,I was very happy.In addition,the cast in this show I like a lot.My most Favourite is Raymond,so I will watch this show.

Have been watching Heart Of Greed this year.It is very exciting .Woo,I love the show.There are two things that I love about this show.One is the cast & one is the storyline.I feel like watching Heart Of Greed 2 soon.Cuz the story is very attractive.I wanna see Bosco & Raymond fighting over for Linda and Moses,Kate & Tavia triangle love.Of course the fight between the family memeber is also what I want to watch.I wanna see the ending.

The cast & story quite nice.I wanna see how Linda is in this show.Cuz in this show,she will be acting as a rich girl which toy other guys feeling.Of course I also wanna know how Bosco tame her.If I'm not wrong,Bosco & Linda will be pairing with each other.

I like Survivor law pt1.I watch that show when I was around 9 or 10 years old.I remember in pt 1,the four main cast are Raymond,Myolie,Sammul and Bernice.Untill now,I still remember Survivor law.Cuz back then I did not really like to watch TVB drama untill when I'm 12.I really hope that pt2 can be as good as pt1.

I've been looking forward to Forensic Heroes pt2 ever since the pt1 finish.Cuz the ending is too sudden.At first when I know that there will pt2 I was very happy,but after when I know the storyline,I feel like crying.Linda is going to die in this show.I DON'T WANT!!!Then later after Linda die,Charmaine will be with Frankie.OMG,I don't think they look good with each other.

Yeah,another Linda show.I hope to watch this show cuz Linda will be acting as a bad girl,again.But this time round,she is worst than in Jewel Splendor.Haha,nvm,no matter how bad she is in the show,I will still like her.I wanna watch Steven in this show.OMG,he is like...Haizz,nothing to say.Linda treat him like that,he still wouldn't give up.Hmm...such a nice guy.(but Raymond better.Haha)

Tai Chi,this show I've been waiting it for a very long time.I think not only me,others have also been waiting for this show for quite a long time.Poor Selena,she's so pathetic in this show.

I wanna watch this show.Shirley is very beautiful in this show.The story also seems to be quite nice.Wonder will Shirley be with Ron?

This show seems to be a comedy show.When I read the show title,I was thinking,will it be a comedy show?Although I'm not so sure,but i hope to watch this show soon.

Me and my mum have been watching Burning Flame pt 1 & 2.So actually,I will watch ths shos is because of my mum.Burning Flame 3 should be a new story.Cuz it seems to have new cast in this show.

Show that I may watch

What the hell...

I just watch Steps episode 17 & 18.OMG,I hate that Amanda in the show.She very what sia!!!
Hate her lot.She purposely make Tsun's(Steven Ma) mum injured her leg.Poor Bo Bo,cannot dance because of that Amanda.I was like so angry when I watch that part.Fala also very naughty,she go and help her mum's enemy.
Haizz,but in the last episode,she like being sentence to jail.(if I'm not wrong)
But anyway,now i'm waiting for 2008 show.Maybe next year can save sometime at watching show cuz next year show only like very few of it have the artist I like.

To:Amanda (my friend)
Do not mistake what I say in here.Cuz I'm talking about a show.Then so coincidence,the show have one character have the same name as you.If you view my blog,you must read this message:)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Home sweet home...

Arh,finally back from camp.OMG,the camp not say very fun.I hate the food.It's like so no delicious...
This is a 2 day 1 night camp.During the first night of the camp,I and my friend did not sleep at al.But I got sleep for a while like 15-20 minutes.It's quite tiring but I did not sleep because,1 of the girls which is in the same group as my friend(I go to my friend place and sleep),said that she saw something.when she look out of the window,there was no one outside.But when she look at the window glass,she saw a face at the glass.After I listen to what she said,I was so scare that I don't dare to go to sleep.Then nearly about 2 to 3 + then I sleep for a while.It's like very very tiring.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

So exciting...

Quite a lot of thing to say...

1)6 more days till TVB anniversary award presentation ceremony.WOO...So excited.Don't know this year who will be the Best Actor and Best Actress.

2)After seeing the sales presentation,I really wanna watch 2008 show as soon as possible.Can't wait till next year.Really wanna watch Young Four Great Constable.Arh,Raymond SUPER handsome.Wanna watch Heart of Greed 2 also.Feel like knowing the synopsis of HOG 2.I'm also waiting for Master Of Tai Chi.Selena quite pity inside.Although she's Myolie sister,but she have to be like a maid to serve her sister.Haizz,poor thing.........

3)Coming to end of year.1 more month before year end.WOW,it's going to be a new year.Quite excited actually.

Let's work very hard before 2007 end.Next year will be a better year.I wish all of you have a good & happy day:)

Friday, 9 November 2007

TVB show that I've watch...

Don't know what to write.So suddenly feel like writing down all the TVB show that I've watch.(it's not according to the year)

Father and Son (Yoyo Mung,Bobby Au Yeung,Wong Hei)
Drive of Life (Raymond Lam,Charmaine Sheh,Myolie Wu,Joe Ma)
Devil Disciple (Bosco Wong,Sharon Chan,Bernice liu,Kevin Cheng)
A Change of Destiny (Steven Ma,Benny Chan,Selena Li,Shirley Yeung)
Heart of Greed (Linda Chung,Raymond Lam,Yoyo Mung,Tavia Yeung,Bosco Wong,Fala Chen)
Best Bet (Michael Tse,Linda Chung)
Ten Brother (Kenix Kwok,Frankie Lam)
The White Flame (Sammul Chan,Charmaine Sheh)
The Brink of Law (Steven Ma,Ron Ng,Bernice Liu,Kate Tsui)
Dicey Business (Michael Miu,Bobby Au Yeung,Tavia Yeung,Bosco Wong)
Face to Fate (Raymond Lam,Frankie Lam,Tavia Yeung,Nancy Wu,John Chiang,Anne Heung,Selena Li)
Maiden's Vow (Joe Ma,Charmaine Sheh,Sammul Chan)
Forensic Heroes (Frankie Lam,Linda Chung,Bobby Au Yeung,Yoyo Mung)
Net Deception (Wong Hei,Myolie Wu)
The Dance of Passion (Charmaine Sheh,Gigi Lai,Moses Chan,Ada Choi,Bowie Lam)
La Femme Desperado (Melissa Ng,Sheren Tang,Kate Tsui,Kenneth Ma,Michael Tse,Raymond Lam)
Under The Canopy of Love (Niki Chow,Bosco Wong,Kevin Cheng)
A Pillow case of Mystery (Kenix Kwok,Bobby Au Yeung,Benny Chan,Tavia Yeung)
Greed Mask (Christine Ng,Roger Kwok)
Hidden Treasures (Sonija Kwok,Bobby Au Yeung)
Yummy Yummy (Raymond Lam,Charmaine Sheh,Kevin Cheng,Tavia Yeung)
War-Of-In-Law (Liza Wong,Bosco Wong,Myolie Wu)
The Gacircteau Affairs (Myolie Wu,Joe Ma)
Just Love (Jessica,Sunny Chan)
The Academy (Sammul Chan,Ron Ng,Fiona Sit,)
Prince Shadow (Tavia Yeung,Sheren Tang)
Love Bond (Bernice Liu,Moses Chan,Michael Tao,Kenix Kwok)
My Family (Alex Fong,Shirley Yeung)
Shades of Truth (Chilam Cheung,Gigi Lai,Tavia Yeung,Wong Hei)
War and Beauty (Charmaine Sheh,Gigi Lai,Sheren Tang,Bowie Lam,Moses Chan)
The Last Breakthrough (Raymond Lam,Leila Tong,Sharon Chan,Bosco Wong,Selena Li)
Conqueror Story (Melissa Ng,Maggie Cheung)
Split Second (Yoyo Mung,Kevin Cheng,Mandy Cho,Marco Ngai)
Shine on You (Michael Tao,Kenix Kwok,Bobby Au Yeung)
Twin of Brothers (Raymond Lam,Ron Ng,Leila Tong,Nancy Wu)
To Catch The Uncatchable (Ada Choi)
To Get Unstuck In Time (Flora Chan,Roger Kwok)
Handful of Love (Joe Ma,Jessica)
To Love With No Regrets (Bosco Wong,Sherming Yiu,Anne Man)
Angels of Mission (Charmaine Sheh,Sonija Kwok,Shirley Yeung)
Dream of Colours (Myolie Wu,Melissa Ng,Sharon Chan,Rain Li)
Hard Fate (Flora Chan,Kevin Cheng,Niki Chow)
Armed Reaction IV (frankie Lam,Ada Choi,Yoyo Mung,Bobby Au Yeung)
Lady Fan (Jessica,Joe Ma)
Point of No Return (Charmaine Sheh,Cilam Cheung,Sammul Chan)
Triumph Into The Skies (Ron Ng,Sammul Chan,Flora Chan,Joe Ma,Kenneth Ma,Bosco Wong)
Seed of Hope (Kenix Kwok)
Not Just A Pretty Face (Roger Kwok,Joey Yeung)
Survivor Law (Raymond Lam,Benice Liu,Sammul Chan,Myolie Wu)
Better Halves (Maggie Cheung,Steven Ma)
Fate Twister (Ada Choi,Lawrance Ng)
The W Files (Tavia Yeung,Roger Kwok,Anne Heung)
Virtues of Harmony 1 & 2 (Nancy Sit,Frankie Lam,Bernice Liu,Linda Chung,Steven Ma)
Ups & Down In The Sea of Love (Maggie Cheung)
In The Realm of Fancy (Shirley Yeung)
Vigilante Force (Bowie Lam,Joe Ma,Benny Chan,Tavia Yeung,Kenix Kwok)
The Threat of Love 2 (Nancy Sit,Lawrance Ng,Kevin Cheng)
Witness of A Prosecution 1 & 2 (Bobby Au Yeung,Charmaine Sheh)
Whatever It Takes (Benny Chan,Anne Man)
Lofty Waters Verdant Bow (Raymond Lam,Rain Li,Michelle Yip)
Square Pegs (Jessica,Roger Kwok)
Take My Word For It (Bobby Au Yeung,Anne Man,Kenix Kwok,Chilam Cheung)
Where The Legend Begins (Ada Choi,Steven Ma)
A Trust of A Life Time

**The cast of A Trust of Life Time,I forget the cast.

Thursday, 8 November 2007


12 & 13 I will be going for camp.I don't feel like going...
I will miss my computer,television & bed.
Sad~~~I feel like crying...

Go go go!!!

2 voting event I need you to help...

1)The voting for TVB anniversary will be closing on Nov 11.If you haven't vote,must act quickly.

2)TVBS is having a voting event.It is to vote for your favourite on screen couple.The link to it is:
Vote for your favourite couple:)

Monday, 5 November 2007

Saturday, 3 November 2007

About Raymond 愛在記憶中找你 MV

Linda has filmed a music video with Raymond last month.It is the sub themesong of Drive Of Life, 愛在記憶中找你.The mv which features Bernice Liu that we saw earlier is the 'TVB Version'.This new version which features Linda is the official version and is now available for people to sing in Hong Kong karaoke boxes.

**Most HK singers shoot 2 music videos for their singles. The 'TVB version' only airs in TVB.

Transfer from:Linda Forum

source: fungforever, raymondforest

So busy...

Haizz...although now is holiday,but I have lots of holiday assignment.Everyday have to do one,sometime I do untill nearly fell asleep.How I wish there can be no holiday assignment,then like that everyday can play,then no need to worried about the work.

So anxious and nervous,cuz 2 more week till TVB anniversary prize presentation.I wonder have you all vote for your favourite artist? As for me,I can't vote cuz I'm not 18 yet.Haizz,I'm so sad that I cannot vote for my favourite artist.

Now for the time being is quickly do finish my holiday assignment.Hope that by the end of November,I can finish all my work.And now I'm waiting for the TVB anniversary prize presentation.Hope to see good news.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Very boring...zzZ

Today I went to a seminal with my friend.The programme was so boring that I keep yawning at the event.At first I though that it will be quite interesting as the talk is about chasing after your dreams.Who knows when I was there listening to them giving speech,I feel like sleeping,but my friend beside my keep on taping on me to keep me awake.
But later when the seminal end,all of us (except 3 of them) when to eat.We were laughing when we were eating.I almost can't take it while I was eating.But my friend is worst cuz we keep on making fun of her.
Haha,but quite fun lah.This is only when we went to eat.Next time I really have to consider is it worth it to go to the seminal...

Important notice

The picture you saw on my blog,pls DO NOT copyright as you can see the pictures are not made by me.I have already written down where these pictures came from.So really hope that all of you do not copyright these pictures.

Thank You!!!

Picture of Raymond & Linda

Picture from:Fung Castle (Made by ruo bing)

Picture from:Fung Castle (made by Ally)