Saturday, 31 May 2008

Yes another 1 hour and 50 min to 1 June.Wow,finally step into June...Yeah,there's lots of fun activities coming up in June as you can see in the 'Upcoming Event' .

Finally start watching Forensic Heroes 2.Woo,it definitely is a nice show.I really like Charmaine and Yoyo character in this show.Both 'Madam' so cool...Hmm,it's really a pity that Yoyo and Linda will 'disappear' after episode 4 ( I think ) .Really waiting to see Charmaine's performance in FH 2.I heard that the rating for FH 2 is quite high.The normal rating for FH 2 for the first week is 35.The highest rating is 40 point.WOW...that's high.

After finish watching FH 2,have to wait for HOG 2.It's showing at end of July.Yeah...Can Watch Linda and Raymond.Hahahaha........

Nothing much to write.Sian arh so many holiday assignment.I shall end my post here.
Which is your favourite on screen couple? [54 votes total]

Kenneth + Ella (5)---9%

Kenneth + Selena (3)---6%

Raymond + Linda (8)---15%

Raymond + Myolie (3)---6%

Bosco + Tavia (10)---19%

Bosco + Myolie (10)---19%

Bosco + Natalie (2)---4%

Steven + Linda (5)---9%

Kevin + Niki (6)---11%

Sammul + Selena (2)---4%

Final winner : Bosco + Tavia and Bosco + Myolie

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Today got a lot of things to post.I know it's already 12+ midnight in Singapore,but cannot sleep so I thought of posting at my blog.

First I wanna blog about 24 & 25 May.

24 May 2008
Went to Singapore Expo for the food exhibition with my cousin and her friend in the afternoon.Woo...There are lots of people in the expo,have to squeeze through those people.There is one funny thing which happen when we were at a stall.When we came to a stall where they sell bird nest and those chinese tonic,the salesgirl came to attend us.She introduce lots of things to use.Then later she say to my cousin "buy for your daughter(referring to me) to drink" then my cousin was like,then she told the salesgirl I'm not her daughter,I'm her younger sister.Then the salesgirl say that I look like 20 years old.OMG,when she say that I was thinking am I really that mature?
But well later we went to Terminal 3 in the evening.When we were walking around,suddenly qian yu sms me.She ask me why I'm I in the airport? Then I was quite surprise at first,but later when I recall again,I remember that qian yu was in the airport too cuz she was going to Australia.Then later when home,so tired...

25 May 2008
Went out with my cousin again and her friend to KTV.Long time never go already,but this time round also never enjoy too much cuz I only sing very few as my throat is quite pain after singing 4 to 5 songs.We sing from 2+ to 7+ .Later go eat dinner,after that we sit down and chat.It was so funny when we were chatting,well I won't post what we were talking about cuz it's too long.

Today went back to school for POA remedial and chinese dance practise.The POA remedial was still ok.We have lots of fun when we were practising the Indian dance.But still a lot of place have to improve,I practise until my leg pain.Haizz...

One last thing,I wish all people that are going on the Japan trip can have fun experience during the trip... ...

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Today have Financial Literacy workshop.Hmm...the workshop is quite fun as it teaches us how to manage our money well.I think I've really learn things through this workshop,cuz last time I always "Spent and save the remaining",but the right attitude is "Save a portion before spending".
Then later we play a computer game.We were given a certain amount of money snd were told to make a min. of $15 000.At first I didn't make it.But when we re-play the game,I manage to get min $15 000.But of course my score was more than $15 000.

Then today,my mum went to see my form teacher due to my result.My teacher never say too much of things.He say that I must improve on my maths.Actually,this year sec 3 level overall result quite bad.Cuz my overall I only got 58 + % then my level position is already 73.My class also did quite badly.My class position is 6,but then my result haven't even reach 60 %.This means that those who were lower than 10 are most likely to fail their overall.

Ok,I shall post until here.I'll post again next time :)

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Finally finish watching A Journey Called Life.It's so sad at episode 19 and first part of 20.I cried 3 times at episode 19.First time is where Linda and Steven's baby died,then Linda ask Hoi Yin to call 'Mommy'.Then second time is when Steven went home and look at the baby picture and the baby cot.Third time is when Ken Cheng move to Kam Tin.Episode 20 is when Fala die,I cry.I think that she don't have to die actually,cuz I feel that she really know her mistake.

Overall,A Journey Called Life is a good show.It's really very touching and sad.I love all the part of Linda and Steven.So cute... ...

Now waiting for Forensic Heroes 2.Really wanna watch it soon,wanna see Linda,Selena & Leanne.

I'll update again once I start watching FH 2.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Yesterday go to Jurong Entertainment Centre with Paula to take neoprint.Haha,so funny.Before that we ask Ting hui whether she can come too,then she say she cannot,so we ask people from our class,but none of them can come.So both of us go on our own.Paula ask her bf,then he bf say cannot come out also.But he promise Paula next time sure can one.So Paula tell him he must remember what he say,if not he'll get it.The Paula's bf say confirm won't forget,next time go take neoprints together.When I saw the message,I was like... ...It really seems like Paula's bf treat her very good,but he's too quiet.I seldom see guys so quiet.

Then Paula say must bring me go also,she also ask him to bring friends go also.Then he go reply Paula,bring us go then we'll be like 'dian deng pao' (gooseberry).

Haha,so funny.So sweet of his bf.Cuz when Paula ask him who is he watching movie with,he go name out the people going and which class they from.

OMG,so good of him.Haha

Then later we went to take neoprints.When we decorating the neoprints,I keep making fun of Paula.Cuz the background got heart shape,then I tell Paula next time she come and take with her bf,must use the heart shape as the background.

The pictures I'll try to get it from Paula's blog.But dunno whether she will post it or not.
I'll end my post here.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Just now saw one video about Fung.It's a message from him.OMG,I'm so touch by what he said.I'll post what he say and you'll know why I said I'm touch by him.

The following is what Fung said in the video :


Translation of the Chinese text (Pardon me for my translation) :

I have receive all the message that you all gave to me
Actually, erm...
Really thanks for your support
I'm worried that...
All of you will be upset
But now I see that you all are so supportive to me
Everything is enough
Thank you (Cantonese)
Thank you (Mandarin)

The link to the video :

Text and video link transfer from : 林峰吧
Translation of Chinese text : Ling ling

I guess from his message,you all roughly know what incident is he talking about.
I'll end my post here.