Monday, 30 June 2008

Just read a post about Raymond's yesterday gathering. I read until quite sad leh, cuz from the post I can feel that yesterday's gathering was so fun. They get to play game with Raymond. One of the game is to play Nintendo wii. They will pick 2 fans and both have to compete with each other. The winner will get to challenge with Raymond tennis. Argh...I really wish I was there too, not because of the game but to see Raymond. Just know that yesterday Candy ma was not there. Raymond really very careless, when they were taking picture, he heard that
there will be lots of fans standing beside him. Then when he want to stand up ( He was sitting at the 1st row ), his leg accidentally hit his hand, then the mic on his hand hit his mouth. When they ask him is he OK, he said yes. But actually his mouth was bleeding.
Then when Raymond was about to leave, the fans sing him a song. Then later Raymond was very touched by the fans and he almost cry. So the FF committee said : " If you want, you cry. "but Raymond reply : " Cannot. " Then he say again : " You all always like that. " ( Meaning : always make me feel like crying ). Raymond is really sentimental.
Haha,Raymond really very cute leh. I really wanna go to his gathering, really wanna see him in person cuz I never seen him off-screen before. And one more thing which will disappoint Raymond fans. I just learn that for the coming one year, Raymond maybe won't film show as he want to concentrate on his singing. Well if this is the case, then I think I will be watching only Linda show.
I just hope that one day, Raymond can come Singapore and can hold a gathering here. I just realised that I've been complaining about him for not coming to Singapore ever since after the filming of Yummy Yummy. I know that he have been to Singapore last year August, but it was a close function and almost all Singapore fans dunno about it. I really really really hope that he could come... ...
Yes...Linda releasing her album at the end of August. Finally, after the long waiting, she's going to release her first album. Ever since that the news say that Linda have sign contract to become a singer, I was hoping that she could release album fast, but after around 4 to 5 months, she finally releasing her album soon. An one more thing, if I'm not wrong, Raymond will be releasing his album around that time. Woo...Both of my favourite artist are releasing their album. Super happy... ...
Well as I'm in Singapore, so maybe I ask my friend help me buy the album when they go HK or maybe when I go HK at around end of October. But my trip to HK is not confirm yet cuz my cousin is not sure whether she can take leave or not. If can then is the best.
Now hoping to watch HOG 2 :) Yes...Can see Linda and Raymond in the show again. After watching HOG 1, I started to like their chemistry. Ok, although in part 1 sometime Alfred( Raymond ) attitude towards Sheung zoi sum ( Linda ) is not, but I still find some part quite sweet and romantic. I love the part when they were on the boat and the part where Sheung zoi sum play saxophone on Alfred birthday...
Enough talking about it, the more I talk about it, the more I feel like watching it.
I shall end my post here.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Finally is weekend,but for me weekend still have to do homework.Sian... ...
Yesterday just have our farewell party for our chinese dance senior.It's quite fun actually,we get to gather with our senior again :) Then we start the party at 2.15 which is not suppose to cuz we actually plan to start at 2 but something happen and it delay us.Well then later we eat the cake and food we bought.Then later,we ask our senior to give us speech.So we end the whole thing at 3.15. I maybe later then put the photo that we took,cuz haven't get the photos yet.

Well,after almost 1 month of watching FH 2,I'm now at episode 22.Ok,I know I'm really slow,but no choice I have lots of homework to do,so no time to watch show.I really have to say that I like FH 2,it's really a great show.Even my mum was addicted to this show after watching the first 2 episode.Haha... ...I like Florence and Raymond Cho,both of them was so cute.Especially Raymond Cho.

Enough update for the day,I'll have to go and do homework.Monday can start to count down for my birthday... ...

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Wow...After 1 month of school holiday,finally going back to school on 23th June.I don't feel like going to school although it's fun to hang out with my friends.And I have left with 4 holiday assignment,tonight must stay up late to finish the holiday assignment.

Today went to Paula's house to practise dance with Lynette.We stay in the dance studio for 2 hour but only practise 4 time.The rest of the time we spent it chatting.Haha,then half way through we saw Paula's dad and brother downstairs playing.Later when reach 12 noon,we went to the swimming pool and play.We put our leg in the water and play.Then after that we go Paula's house to play Nintendo wii.So fun,we play until like mad.

Me and Lynette when home at 2 pm.Feel like going to Paula's house the swimming pool to play.

Haizz...Hate to go to school...Have to wait up at 5.45 in the morning.Well,guess have to endure...

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Finally TVB artist come Singapore,but none is my favourite.The artist that are coming next month are Ha Yu,Susana Kwan,Fala Chen,Lai lok yi and Joe have the right guess,the four Heart Of Greed cast come to promote HOG.As for Joe Ma,I not really sure.

I thought that either Linda or Raymond will come.If either of them coming,I will be very happy and it will be the best birthday present I ever have.But now,haizz.... ...

They will be coming at 11 July to 13 July.Haizz...Quite disappointed.Linda,Tavia,Moses & Lee Si Kei go to Malaysia then never come SG.

Well,now I see whether my friend is going or not.If they not going,most probably I may not go too.I think I'll have to see first cuz 15 July I got exam.

**The above is my own opinion.No offence to others**

Friday, 6 June 2008


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1)If your Lover betrayed you, what would your reaction be?
Ans: Break up with him

2)If you can have a Dream to come true, what would it be?
Ans: Meet my favourite TVB artist

3)What will your dream wedding to be like?
Ans: Romantic and unforgettable

4)What do you love most about being in school?
Ans: Study together with my friends

5)What's your ideal lover like?
Ans: Must be tall,good looking,filial to parents.

6)Would you study hard or play hard?
Ans: Both

7)How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
Ans: Depend

8)If the person you secretly liked is already attached , what would you do?
Ans: Give them my blessing

9)Is there anything that made you unhappy these days?
Ans: Nope

10)Do you believe in love eternity?
Ans: Yup

11)What qualities do you think you should have if you're a leader?
Ans: Positive,listen to others,participate enthusiastically in activity,encourage others,lend helping hand to others,able to lead the team,work together with others.

12)Who are currently most important people to you?
Ans: Family & friends

13)What do you hate the most?
Ans: Betrayer,ppl that never keep their promise,back stabber

14)In 3 words,describe your now self.
Ans: Playful,hopeful,cheerful

15)What's the first thing you do every morning?
Ans: Get out from bed

16)Would you give all in a relationship?
Ans: Depend ( I don't wanna get hurt )

17)If you fall in love with two person simultaneously, who would you pick?
Ans: The one that is good to me.

18)What type of friendship do you like?
Ans: Everlasting

19)What is your favourites past time hobby?
Ans: Watch TV

20)What type of friends do you dislike?
Ans: Betrayer,back stabber

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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

[080604新闻汇总]夜拍外景热到溶妆 林狂补妆护靓样

夜拍外景热到溶妆 林峰狂补妆护靓样 (星岛) 06月 04日 星期三 06:30AM (综合报道)

林峰与钟嘉欣 前晚10时多於中环 苏豪区赶拍无剧集《花好月圆》,现场有大批旅客见到林峰在拍戏,即兴奋大叫其名字,然后更出相机欲与他合照,然而林却向影迷表示因为正在拍戏,稍后时间才可以与他们合照留念。该场口主要讲述二人於苏豪区闲逛谈心,由於天气闷热,身穿长袖恤衫的林不停留汗,一向贪靓的林更要不时补妆,希望以最佳的状态见观众。期间钟嘉欣发现有记者在拍照,即时高举胜利手势,让记者拍照。文、图:林子堂




林峰钟嘉欣拍拖被骚扰 04/06/2008

林 前 晚 十 时 许 与 绯 闻 女 友 钟 嘉 欣 , 於 中 环 兰 桂 坊 附 近 为 新 剧 取 景 ,两 人 拍 摄 一 幕 於 斜 路 漫 步 的 谈 情 戏 。 由 於 现 场 有 不 少 途 人 围 观 及 以 闪 灯 拍 照 , 令 拍 摄 进 度 一 度 受 阻 。 其 后 更 有 数 位 fans 要 求 林 签 名 及 合 照 ,一 向 对 fans 有 求 必 应 的 林 , 却 表 示 要 与 钟 嘉 欣 对 稿 拒 绝 一 众 fans 要 求 , 数 位 fans 惟 有 在 旁 等 , 但 见 到 林 及 钟 嘉 欣 只 顾 频 频 补 妆 执 靓 样 , 最 后 亦 无 瘾 走 人 。

林 与 绯 闻 女 友 钟 嘉 欣 於 中 环 拍 摄 外 景 , 引 来 不 少 途 人 围 观 。



林峰挂住钟嘉欣冷落Fans 04/06/2008



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