Wednesday, 31 December 2008

This will be my last post for the year. 1 year have past, dunno why I think that this year is super fast. Maybe because this year I have lots of things to do such as meeting up with my friends.
I must thanks my friend for giving me the good memories in 2008.
Friend that I wanna thank are Jeslin, Angela, Helen, Hannah, Jessica, Hsieh hui, Grace, Noelle, Michelle, Vanessa, Ting Hui, Paula, Amanda & many other friends. Thanks for giving me the happy memories in this year. Really really very thank you. Hope to see you all soon :)

Hannah, Jessica, Hsieh Hui, Grace, Noelle, Michelle & Vanessa :

Hope to see you all soon :) Haha, Hannah, Jessica, Grace, Hsieh Hui, Michelle, Noelle & Vanessa hope that we can go star chasing together again. Hope to see you all soon. Haha, Hannah, Grace, Jess, our bitching sessions. Lol... Hahaha. It's really very fun being with u guys...
Hsieh Hui & Noelle, let's work hard together for O levels. All the best ;)
Michelle, good luck in ur study. All the best in 2009.
Vanessa, haven't chat with u for a very long time. Hope to chat with u soon :)

Me, Hsieh Hui, Jessica & Michelle

Germaine, Jia Xin, Me & Noelle

Hannah, Grace, Jessica, Hsieh Hui & Me

Linda's fans :)

Jeslin, Angela & Helen :

All the best for the coming year. Hope that we can meet again. U guys are really like my big sisters. Haha...

Noelle, Me, Jeslin & Angela

Last of all, to all my " big sister " ( u all know who u are :P ) : I'll work very hard for my coming year and make sure that I'll pass my maths. And of course won't let u all disappointed.

And I hereby announce, my blog is officially under hiatus. As once school starts, I'll not have much time to update my blog and go online. So if there's anything, u can contact me thru sms or call my phone.
I will only update my blog when O level have finish.

Good luck to everyone in the new year :)

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Came up here to post abt the past 2 days & today.

16 Dec 2008

Went to Hannah's together with Grace, Jessica & Hsieh hui. We went there to make things. Then later at night, we went to AMK hub to meet up with Heather, Germaine, Joyce & vee. Then later we eat there at the food court.

17 Dec 2008

Ytd went to City hall to meet up with Hannah, Michelle, Joyin & Joyce to do Linda christmas present. Woo... The day before I do the things till very late then sleep. Haha, when we reach City hall, we went to MOS burger to eat luch. Then later went to harvey norman to print pictures, then later went to print message and went to buy wrapping paper, paper binder etc... A lot of things. Haha... Then after we bought everything, we went to BK to start work. Woo... Surprisingly we work quite fast and we finish everything by 6 plus. Then later me and Hannah walk to Bugis to meet up with Jessica & sukai. Then later Grace came. After that we went to find a place to eat hotpot. Woo... Then later, Melody came too. Then we start eating. Lol... We were having fun when we were eating. Haha... we talk abt lots of things. So funny. Then later we went home at 9 plus.

18 Dec 2008

Today went to Michelle house to bake cookies. Hsieh hui & me went to Mich's house to put our things first, then later went to Holland Village to meet up with Jessica. We went to buy the ingredients for baking, then later go to food court to eat. Later we went back to Michelle's house to start baking. Hahaha... the four of us turn out to bake 193 cookies. Waa... Haha, we are very pro. Haha.

I think I'll post until here. There will be a detailed post on my alive not dead blog. But, just that same old word again, u'll have to add me as freinds in order to read the post cuz I've locked it up for just my friends to view.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Today went out with Jessica, Michelle & Hsieh Hui. We went to Tiong Bahru Plaza to meet up with Joyce & vee cuz Jessica wanna pass Joyce her Myolie's album.After that, we went to Plaza Singapura. We went to Yoshinoya to eat, then later when to eat ice cream. Wow... We took a bit of pictures. Haha, lucky Jess got bring camera. Woo, then we went home at 4 plus. We took lots of pictures, but I'll post it up in my alive not dead web. But, just that same old word, I'll lock it up and u'll have to add me as friend in order to see the picture. Hmm... I think I'll end post here. Have to rest cuz tmr have to prepare things for my upcoming event. Lol...

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Hmm... Today came up to post abt Gem Of Life :P

Currently stop at episode 32. Ok, I know I'm a bit slow in watching this, but due to the amount of holiday assignment I have, I can watch until episode 32 is a miracle. Haha... Hmm... I find this show very nice, eh, to be honest, erm.. I like this show more than Drive Of Life. Lol... Actually I'll watch DOL is for the sake of Fung. Haha... I admit that I watch GOL is for Linda, but half of it is for the storyline. At first I'm not very interested in watching this show because it's super long, 82 episode (But actually it's not a problem cuz VOH 2, 444 episode, I also manage to finish. But that was 2 years back. Lol.) And one reason is because I scare that I've no time. Starting from now have to prepare for O level. Sian...

After watching GOL, the couple that I like are Moses & Gigi, and Bowie & Maggie. Although Bowie & Maggie already broke up in the show.
Bowie and Maggie is a very funny couple. Haha, especially Bowie, OMG... When I see the way he coax Maggie, I'll laugh and laugh. And especially the part Bowie dance and strip his clothes. Hahaha... I seriously cannot take it. I laugh until going to cry. Hmm... I also dunno why when I laugh until very hard, my eyes will always be filled with tears. Lol...
Hmm... As for Moses & Gigi, it's very romantic between the two of them. Especially at episode 32 I think, Moses light up the " I love you Constance ". Its' really very very romantic. Arh... But I know this will never happen to me. Lol...
And for Linda, omg... She sure give me a shock more than surprise. Haha... When I look at her in the show arh, I sometime seriously like slepping her. Cuz she really very bitchy. But sometime will think like, maybe because she want ppl's attention. But she sure have a very big break through in this show. Cuz when my mum saw Linda in the show, she keep shaking her head. Then when I told her that she's Linda, my mum will look at me. Haha...

Hmm... I think that's all I wanna post abt GOL. Suddenly have the urged to re-watch The Four. Arh... Die.. Cuz when the show finishes, I already dun think abt the show, but whenever I saw the pictures abt The Four, I always can't control myself in thinking abt the show. But currently cannot watch lah, cuz I know for me if I watch, when new school term start, I can prepare to get scolding from my teachers. Cuz... Never finish holiday assignment. Haha, so for watching Fung... Hmm... Have to wait till I finish my O level. Sian... No freedom for next year, but nvm, after that can relax le. Hahaha...
Next year will have to stop watching any drama at end of Jan. Haiz...
I think I'll end my post here.


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Today went to the function at IMM. Stupid sia... When the barrier gate open, everyone keep pushing. Siao... I almost fall but lucky got Germaine and her friend ( paiseh, forgotten the name. Sry... ) hold me so I never fall. But end up I knock onto the barrier gate wheel and my heel have a small red patch. Then my arm got a slight scratch. :'( I won't post abt the function thing. I'm super super tired, ytd didn't sleep until 5 am in the morning then sleep.

Since that know is already December, I think I'll conclude the artiste that I've seen b4 starting from last year.

Feb 2007 : Angela Tong, Kevin Cheng & Linda

09 Mar 2007 : Tavia, Shirley, Steven & Roger

19 Jan 2008 : Charmaine, Myolie, Bobby, Kevin, Wong Hei & Bosco

12 & 13 Jul 2008 : Susanna, Fala, Lai Lok Yi & Ha Yu

26 & 27 Nov 2008 : Kevin, Bobby & Fung

2 Dec 2008 : Bowie, Bosco, Maggie & Lee Si Kei

I'm so happy that I see all the artiste that I like. Fung & Linda. Hope to see them in SG again. I'll stop here.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Wow, it's a new month. Woo... After 1 month of holiday ( not doing any holiday assignment ) and recently just finish my star chasing journey, now I must strat to work on my holiday assignment. Phew... Lucky that I dun nid to do the chinese holiday assignment. Heng arh...
Tmr going to IMM for GOL function. Woo... Another star chasing journey. But relax, I won't chase until so hiong like wat I did when chase Fung.I will save all my energy for Fung and Linda =)
Ok, I'll make this post short. I'm so tired. I still haven't recover from 26 & 27, I'm still feeling super tired. It's like I've just came back from a war. OMG, I'm seriously so tired. Trying to recover asap.
Ok, I'll stop here. Will post again after tmr trip.