Sunday, 17 January 2010

OMG!!! I'm so happy now, my 2 favourite artistes, Fung & Linda received award at the JSG award presentation ceremony. Really a big congrats to them!!! Especially for Fung, for getting Asia Most Popular Hong Kong Male Singer award. OMG!!! The moment they announced that Fung was the winner, my mind gone blank and I felt so excited.
Arh... Fung was so nervous when he was up on stage. Didn't expect him to shed tears when he was up there giving speech. Actually, he also never expect that he'll get it, BECAUSE... He look so relax after he got the 2 awards. LOL!!! He really got shock when he heard his name being called. It's like... I've watched so many award presentation ceremony, and this was the first time seeing Fung shed tears when he received award...
And... Hahaha... I shouted likemad for Linda & Fung... LOL!!! When they announce Linda's name, I keep shouting. LOL!!! Same goes to Fung too...
Ok, I shall not type too much... Seriously now... I dunno how to express myself. LOL!!! I shall post pictures out.
Linda getting the award.
Linda & Myolie.
Linda at red carpet.
Fung at red carpet.
Michael hug Fung when he received the Top Ten song award.
Fung shed tears when he gotten the Asia Most Popular Hong Kong Male Singer award.