Friday, 28 November 2008

Finally finished the 2 days of Fung chasing journey. I really feel very happy although I didn't manage to have his autograph, took picture of him at the function and feel very tired after the event. I think that everything is worth it, although yesterday when I go home, my bone like going to broke into pieces. But I really enjoy the whole journey. I finally saw Fung in person, he look very young, doesn't look like 29 years old. Instead he look like 26, 27 years old. Hahahaha... Even Noelle say so. But waa... It's really super chaotic at the function, Hannah got hurt during the function because ppl keep pushing her, then her leg got cut by the flower basket. Ai yo, those ppl arh... But in the airport, it was more chaotic. OMG!!! When Fung came out, everyone rush up to him, want him to autograph for them. Then Fung got shocked and move back a few steps. Then later Candy ma came out and say FF member priority to take picture with Fung. Then all the FF members including me went to queue up. But when Candy ma say FF member priority, I heard a lot of ppl say " Huh ". Then when I turn and look ( I was in the queue ) a lot of ppl looking at us with those envious look. Well, but I'm sure that they will sure have the chance to take picture and ask for autograph.
Really have to thank Jeslin, Angela, Noelle, Helen & Fung for giving me such a wonderful memories during the 2 days. And of course Hannah, Grace, Jessica, Michelle, Germaine, Heather and others. ( Sry, can't list all cuz too many ppl )
Last but not least have to thank Bernice and Shin Chiann, our SG rep. Once again, thank you all :)
( For detailed post, pls take a look at my Alive not Dead blog. But u have to add me b4 u can see. Cuz I lock it up for friends only. The post will be up tmr )

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Finally finish the 2 days of chasing Fung. The detail of the 2 days I'll post up later. Now very tired. Have to really rest. Yesterday & today in the airport is so chaos... I later will post up the whole detail. But not tmr, cuz tmr have to go out with my mum. So I will end my post here.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Woo... Today is a tedious but happy day. Started to bake cookies at 12 plus. OMG!!! I have to use hand power to cream the butter and sugar. ( seriously it make my hand so tired ) Then later add this add that, when finish every step, it's already 2.30 in the afternoon. Can't believe that I actually use 2 hours plus just to prepare the cookies. Well, then later sent in the cookies batch by batch. Haha, total of 3 batch and every batch have 16 cookies. Yes, I bake 48 cookies. Hmm... after the first batch of cookies are done, I tried one of it. It taste good. Not bad for me as I first time bake cookies, because normally I always bake cakes, have never try b4 baking cookies. Later at night have to pack all up and tmr will be " Santa Claus ", haha because have to give out cookies. For Hsieh hui cookies, I'll have to wait till thursday then give her.

Tmr 3.45 meeting with Grace, Hannah etc. at Yishun then go airport. Then later will be meeting with Angela, Jeslin & Bernice. So happy. Haha, dunno why leh, as the date is near, I only have happy, I dun have any excitement. Haha... First time being like that. Lol...

Well, I think I'll end my post here, have to go watch Gem Of Life episode 21 & 22. Yeah!!! Linda... Haha...

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Fung & Linda, you ROCKS man!!!

Today went to Hannah's house to watch TVB anniversary celebration. Woo... When I saw Linda & Fung dance arh, waa... shock man. They dance so well. First time seeing Linda dancing, she definately cool. Hope to see her have R&B song, then dance in her MV. I like this year te celebration, the opening so Victoria type. Haha... I seriously LOVE the part where Linda & Fung they all dancing. Waa... Fung's Fok Yuen Gaap very good. He's voice very good. Haha... Linda, power. She like very flexible. Woo... Selena dance also very good. Ai ya, TVB bluff us, I thought Linda & Fung really will dance together, haiz... End up is... Nvm, can see them dance already very good.

Ok, I think I'll end my post here. Have to go and do other things.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Result and my feeling after watching the result

Result for the award presentation ( part of it )

Fashion award --- Myolie Wu Hang Yi
Most Improvement award ( actor ) --- Wong cho lam
Most Improvement award ( actress ) --- Nancy Wu Ting Yan award --- Raymond Lam Fung
Best Host award --- So Si Wong
Most Favourite Character award ( actor ) --- Raymond Lam Fung
Best Supporting Actor award --- Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung
Best Supporting Actress award --- Tavia Yeung Yi
Best Series award --- Moonlight Resonance
Best Actor award --- Ha Yu
Best Actress award --- Michelle Yim Mai Xuet

My feeling after watching the award presentation

Well, first will have to congratulate Fung for getting & Favourite character award. But I'm really sad that he did not won the Best Actor award. When I saw Fung get Favourite character award, I already knew that Best Actor will be Ha yu, but I still keep a little hope to me. But when Lee Si Kei annouce Ha yu get the award, my heart is very cold. It's like using a knife to stab my heart. I seriously think that Fung should deserve to get the award. But as you know TVB is always go by policy. Well, actually, at first I dun really agree with the China fans saying that ask Fung to leave TVB. But after today, I seriously think that he should leave TVB and concentrate on his music career. Then he can also film movie and get nominated for the Golden Horse award. Which is much more better than TVB award. But also from this incident, I really can see that Fung is really very gentlemen. But when the camera shoot him, I can really see that he is disappointed. I can even see that his eyes is watery. But well, I think after this year, next year I won't think too much for him to get Best Actor as next year is GOL actor and actress fight. I really felt that it's not worth it for Fung.
But there's one thing that I'm quite happy. Linda got into top 5 for the Best Actress. Seriously, we didn't expect that. We thought that the top 5 will be Lee Si Kei, Sonija, Liza, Susanna & Michelle. Then end up is Lee Si Kei, Sonija, Linda, Liza & Michelle. When we saw it, Me, Hannah, Germaine, Grace, Jaime, Jia Xin was shouting really loud. Haha, we were so happy to see Linda got into top 5. She's the youngest among the them.
Well, I think I'll end my post here.

Exciting day!

Yeah, today is a exciting day. Wat happen today? Yes, it's the day for TVB anniversary award presentation. Wow... I'm already so excited that I keep guessing who will win for tonight. Haha... Izzit as wat we want, Fung will win the Best actor? Or TVB wanted to give Ha yu? Oh, well everything is set and we'll have to see the result tonight. Hope it won't disappoint me when they announce the result. Hmm... Eh, and I hope Linda can win Favourite character. Cuz her " ho choi mui " is really cute. Haha, love it !

Ok, this is just a very short post. After the event, I will post up the result here and on my Alive not Dead blog. So feel free to view around. Haha...

Friday, 14 November 2008

Haha, yesterday when I was sleeping, I have a dream. Ok, the dream to me is a happy thing. Cuz I dreamt of Fung getting the Best actor award. Arh... What am I doing. Continuously have been dreaming of Fung. The day before, when I was sleeping, I dreamt of Fung and Linda coming to SG. Haha... Maybe because tmr is the award presentation ceremony and I missed Linda and Fung too much. Cuz it's been 1 year since I last saw Linda. Haha... Well, this will be just a short post. I still have to do my holiday assignment. I'm aiming to finish everything by end of November, but from the speed that I'm doing, I think I'll have to do at least 2 a day. Well, I'm now left with EL, Maths, Physics ( half of the paper ), Chem ( half of the paper ), Chinese ( 4 more open ended ), POA ( half of the paper ) and SS. Waa.... Sian, but well, because I wanna relax when it comes to December, so must finish everything. Well, I guess I have to jia you, jia you, jia you.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hmm... Another 2 more days till TVB anniversary. Hmm... A bit excited because watching in a large group. Haha, I know that we sure go crazy. Hmm... update a bit on what I'm doing recently and some information on magazine.

Recently watching FH1 and Gem Of Life. Haha... 2 Linda shows. Yeah, now waiting to see Linda to appear in Gem Of Life. Wow, she so fierce in Gem Of Life. Haha, but she look so cute when she went into Moses office. She immediately lie on the sofa. And now after re-watching FH1, I find that this year Linda's show, all like make her until very mature. Cuz Lam ding ding ( Linda ) in FH1 is cute cute type. Hehe :p

Hmm... For those of you who can get I weekly, pls buy a copy of it. Fung, Charmaine, Tavia, Bosco & Linda was on the cover page. Hmm... I think I'll post the result for Favourite Artiste.

Top 10 Male artiste :
1) Raymond Lam
2) Moses Chan
3) Bobby Au Yeung
4) Bosco Wong
5) Ha Yu
6) Kevin Cheng
7) Bowie Lam
8) Damian Lau
9) Roger Kwok
10) Michael Miu

Top 10 Female artiste :
1) Charmaine Sheh
2) Myolie Wu
3) Lee si kei
4) Tavia Yeung
5) Linda Chung
6) Michelle Yim
7) Jessica Hsuan
8) Bernice Liu
9) Gigi Lai
10) Sheren Tang

Top 5 favourite drama :
1) Moonlight Resonance
2) Forensic Heroes 2
3) War-Of-In-Law 2
4)The Seventh Day
5)Catch Me Now

I think I'll end my post here as it is 2 am in the midnight. I'll stop here. Tmr have to wake up early to study for test.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Finally came back from camp. I totally hate the sleeping area. OMG... We sleep on the floor. Although got sleeping bag, but my bone was still very pain. Agrh... But I love the 1st day programme. My school invited Celine Jessandra to conduct our day 1 programme. I really love it. Haha, my group the facilitator is so funny man...
At night when sleeping that time arh, damn unlucky, a teacher go confiscate my phone. Then still say wat cannot listen to music when sleeping, then wat handphone is not allow lah, blah blah blah...
OMG... That teacher arh... I dunno wat to say sia...

Well, I think I'll end the post here. I'm really tired after yesterday.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Yes!!! Finally, after 3 times staying in no. 20, Fung and Vincy's duet finally went up to no. 18. Finally, our voting effort have not wasted. Thank you for all that have voted for the song. But work harder to vote for the song to let it go up to top 15. The form there on we'll work even harder to let the song get into top 10. But once again still have to say work harder. Hahaha...

Tmr won't be at home cuz got camp. Waa... Tmr really must ask teacher to excuse us from the camp from 12 15 to 17 30. Tmr really nid to go for the AEM cuz there's a test on thursday. Well... I think will have to wish me good luck. Hehe...

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Yesterday night was a lucky night for me. Before I sleep, I turn on the radio to listen. At first I was scrolling all over the radio channel to listen, but later decided to when back to listen to FM93.3. Who knows the DJ say " xian zai wei ni song shang yi shuo hao ting de ge. Na jiu shi lin feng yu yong er de ming tian yi hou. " For those of you who do not understand chinese pinyin, it means " yi ga wei nei song sheung yat shao ho ting ge gor. zao hai lam fung tong wing yi ge ming tin yi hau. " Then my first was... "OMG, are you kidding me? " I really cannot believe it. Haha, indeed last night was a pleasent night for me.

Just finish watching Gem Of Life episode 9 & 10. Wow, it's getting more and more exciting. But too bad I'll have to wait a little longer till I can see Linda appearing in the show.

Sian... Monday have to go for camp. I dun feel like going, cuz thursday got test for my AEM course. TEST!!! I missed my monday lesson and there's a test on thursday. Sure mati one. I haven't even started my revision for the test. Die...

One last thing, to all Fung fans, pls get a copy of U weekly on monday. Fung is on the cover page.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Wow, so fast 1 month have already pass. Today is the start of November. Wow, time pass real fast. Hmm... Another 14 more days till TVB anniversary award presentation. But hmm... Weird, this year like not very exciting abt it. Dunno why. Another 9 more days to my performing arts camp. Now I dun wish to go le cuz on the same day, Forensic Heroes pt 1 show on Ch U. I wanna see LINDA !!!!
But oh well, I guess I'll have to miss it. Anyway, I already watch before, so this time round is only re-watching it. Hehe...
Nothing much to say abt... So I guess I'll end my post. Tmr still have to go Paula's house to do project, oh, and one more thing. Tmr rmb to listen to FM 93.3 for the song chart. Look out for Fung and Vincy's duet.