Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Came up to post again. Woo... Last Saturday went out to meet Chloe, Shu hui & Samantha at City Hall to pass them their flyers. We went to mac to have a bite and sit there to chat for 2 hours++. Haha... But of course is abt Fung. LOL... After we finished our convo, we came to a conclusion which is FUNG IS REALLY A BIG BOY. Hehe =P Then later went to Marina square to Meet Jeslin, Sherlyn & Pei shan first. Bernice came later. So we K all the way from 2 til 6+. Haha... After that we went to subway to eat our dinner and chat there. Hahaha... All of them are going to die due to "cold". LOL... Cuz I kept giving them riddles to guess and all the answer are really -__-" HAHAHAHA =d

Ok, shall go back to Fung again. Woo... Next half of the year, is really all abt FUNG!!! Concert, album, drama, movie... Woo... That's like.... HAHA... So much things abt him. Coming up first should be his mandarin album as his mandarin song is going to be out in 1 week time according to tang chi wai's blog. And after the album, it should be drama, Growing Through Life. Next, should be concert, should be end of July. Last will be movie, perfect wedding. As for Mystery Of Love and The Emerald And The Pearl, shall wait for further news.

For Growing Through Life, the synopsis is at baidu fung ba. As for Perfect Wedding and The Emerald And The Pearl, I shall type here since they got English synopsis. LOL...

Perfect Wedding:

Lok Yan (played by Miriam Yeung) was ditched by her fiance On their wedding day. During the next three years, she gains fame as a wedding planner for many acclaimed celebrities.

One night, in a bar, she meets a young attorney , Fung (played by Raymond Lam), and they spent a passion night together in the hotel - with no plans to ever meet again. Fate brings them together again at a wedding. Their one-night-stand now become a debt dispute since Fung's boss owes Yan's company fees of 30 weddings. When Fung's boss run away, Fung is left to clear the debt and so he starts working for Yan.

While working together to organize successful weddings, they face and overcome many challengers and being to feel affection for each other. But love is never simply - Especially for Yan whose four close girlfriends do not approve of her relationship with Fung because they think he is young. Yan further complicates the situation by keeping Fung at a distance because of her painful memories of previous failed relationship.

Fung disapproves of potraying a wedding as a show and after a big fight with Yan he almost quits the company - but Yan sees his point of view and they reach a compromise. Together they organize a wedding which is full of love and this is the start of a new relationship between them. A wonderful night together at Yan's place heralds the start of a new and stable relationship - which they keep secret.

Just as Yan's painful memories of previous failed relationship begin to fade, her ex-boyfriend, Joe (played by Eric Kot), turns up again. Joe is about to get married but realizes he still misses Yan and tries to win her back. Yan is confused and undecided and this destroys her relationship with Fung, even though she rejects Joe. Although Yan and Fung still love each other, they part and begin new relationship...

The Emerald And The Pearl:

Princess Yan (played by Charlene Choi) is appointed to be the consort of the Fan state. During her journey to the Fan state she and her military escort, General Cheng (played by Raymond Lam), are constantly getting each other into trouble. Gradually, they fall in love.

Despite their forbidden love, Princess Yan and General Cheng exchange love tokens - a pearl from Yan's dowry and an emerald of Cheng's family heritage. When they are attacked by a lady brigand, Princess Yan falls down from a high cliff. Although she survives, she loses her memory and not knowing she is a princess, from that day lives her life as a commoner. General Cheng is kidnapped by the lady brigand and taken to prison. Thus the lovers lose contact with each other and there start their adventure. General Cheng is taken to the brigand fortress by the lady brigand chieftain, Zhu Sanniang (played by Joey Yeung). With General Cheng's knowledge and expertise the brigand fortress thrives. Zhu admires General Cheng and begins to feel affection for him.

When General Cheng leaves the brigand fortress in search of Princess Yan, Zhu's strong affection for General Cheng compels her to follow him.

When Princess Yan fell from the cliff and lost her memory, she was saved by a storyteller Ling GanKai (played by Cho Lam Wong). Princess Yan is devoted to Ling and follows him everywhere.

When General Cheng finds Princess Yan living as a commoner, he discover that not only has she lost her memory, but that she has fallen in love with Ling...

Ok, that's all for today. I'm in office now so can't post much. Shall post again.

Credit: Baidu Fung ba

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Came up to post again. Recently had been quite lazy in updating cuz a lot of things to settle before school start. But finally, ytd manage to sent out everything required by the poly. Can't believe that my holiday pass by so fast. Another 4 weeks, my holiday will official come to an end and well, have to start to get into the study mood. So from April onwards, I'll have to try to get myself out from the craze over artistes. Hahaha... LOL... But think that it will be quite difficult for me since that ever since after exam, I'm quite into it. But anyway, will try my best. LOL...

Last Saturday, went to the E award event with Hannah, Grace, Shu yi, Vee & HH. At around 12 40, I meet HH at Jurong East MRT station and we went to City Hall together. After we reach there, we went to eat cuz HH haven't had her breakfast. At around 2.15, we walk over to suntec convention centre for the I.T show. OMG, there are lots of ppl there and we had to squeeze our way thru. Then when we were in there, HH and I went to walk around to look for cameras and laptop while Hannah, Grace, Shu yi & Kenix went to look for other things. We stay there for quite awhile and later went to look for Vee at her work place. At around 6 plus, we went over to Marina Square to look for Hui ying and others. Later on, we proceed to the floating stadium. Meanwhile when we were waiting for Vee, Amanda called me and ask me where I were. At first I'm like "Huh? Why would she ask me that?" Then latershe told me that she were there too. Funny thing is that when she was walking towards me, I still can't see her. LOL.. But of course not just only her, for her, she would alr got lost when she were finding her way thru. LOL... Xin rui was with her as well. Hahaha =D

Later all of us enter the stadium to watch the performance. Of course before that, we saw Chloe and Li pin. Hmm... The performance was quite ok for the starting, and my goodness... SHINee got super lots of fans there. When SHINee came out, everyone stood up to look at them and the scream for them was REALLY loud. Then later when they came out to perform, my god! The atmosphere was so high. Haha... I really have to admit that they were really good!!! Awesome.

Grace, Shu yi & Vee left early cuz they are taking bus back, so Hannah, HH, and me, we took MRT. BUT... We didn't manage to get on the last train that go to Jurong East, and even worst still, the last train at the red line terminates at Kranji. Faint~~~ End up HH had to call her parents to come fetch her. But also have to thank HH for asking her parent to sent me home.

For pictures, pls go to my fb but well, the picture i post up in fb is only pictures of me and the others. As for videos... Have to wait for awhile cuz when I tried to upload the videos took, the system message from fb was to ask me wait for 1 hour ++. So... Shall wait till I free then I'll upload the videos.

I shall end my post here. Shall post again after tmr and sat.