Sunday, 27 April 2008

Just some random post.Today was really a boring day so I thought I come up to make another post.This post is about one of my idol,Fung (Raymond).

I started being his fan when I was 12.That is when I watch Survivor law,I find him quite cute in that show,so eventually I became his fan.Now I'm 15 years old,I've been his fan for 3 years.Although the time is not very long,but over the years,I've tend to like like him more.

From what I know,he's very humble and polite.All my friends which is also his fan,told me about it as they have interacted with him before.

When he first became an artist,lots of people say that he only take his job as playing because his family is very rich.But Raymond use his hard work to prove to everyone that his not doing this because of playing.Now he is very success in his career.

On 23 November 2007,he have successfully launched his first album.The rate of selling for his album within 2 week is over 20,000.This is really a great start for him.He's recording songs for his second album as soon as he finish filming Heart Of Greed 2.

Although now,there are lots of negative news about him.But as a fan of him,I will support him cuz no matter what I don't believe that he will do these kind of things.No matter what,I hope Raymond can get through this.

Raymond,we will always support you =)
Nothing to do,so I decided to came up here to make the last post before my exam which is on Tuesday (29 April).So fast exam week already,no matter what I must work very hard to achieve what I want.Finally I can manage all the chapter except for chapter 3.Never mind,I will keep working it out until I can get it right.

Thats all for today.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Haizz..Random post again.Yesterday just saw a news about Fung.My godness,I was so pissed off when I read the news.Stupid reporter,always like to write things which is not true.I'm sure those of you who have read the news,you would know what I'm talking about.Well,I really feel not worth it for Fung.Now I just dun feel like talking about it anymore,just let it slowly fade away.

Suddenly have the urged of chasing stars.Cuz just now view some photo at Scorpio East website,then I suddenly missed the day when I go out with my friends and chase our favourite idol together.

Recap of my star chasing experience with friends

February 2007
The very first time that I went to support my idol was last year Feb.And the stars that I first saw them off screen was Linda,Kevin & Angela.The 'first time' was rather memorable.I went to the 2007 starhub roadshow with Vanessa (She was the first SG Linda fans that I know).We went there super early.The event start at 3 but both of us went to Vivo city at 11 +.Then later we went to eat cuz Vanessa haven't eat her breakfast.After we finish eating,we went back to level 1 and started to queue up for the autograph.We waited for 2 hours +.But it was fun.

P/S : Long time never go out with Vanessa already.This was 1 year ago,but fortunately we still got keep contact with each other.Just hope that we have the chance again.

09 March 2007
This was the second time I went star chasing.This time round I went with Qiong min.We went to both places where they were.This time round,the artist are Shirley,Steven,Tavia & Roger.Was happy and angry during this journey.Cuz when we reached 2nd venue,the people there keep pushing us when it's time for the autograph session.OMG,it was totally chaos there.At the first venue,it was not so bad.I was lucky to get their autograph but Qiong min was not lucky enough.Cuz she told me that got people push her away.

19 January 2008
This year's was the one I enjoyed the most.Actually,I went there on my own.I know I'm super crazy cuz the event start at night 7.30 but I went the 11+ .But it's ok.When it's 1 +,I went down to level 1,hoping to get a good place.Then later I saw a girl,she's Grace.Actually I know her from MSN.Then after we chat with each other for a while,we went to occupied spaces as Bosco's fans was going too.Then later Jessica and her friends also came.Hannah came too,but it was later part of the day,around 3+ to 4.I love this star chasing experience cuz I really really enjoyed it.

P/S : Hope that there will be chance for me to go out with Linda and Fung's fans to support them when they come SG.But hope they dun come at the same time cuz I dunno which side to go.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Argh!!! I'm sick.Having headache,sore throat & slight fever.Wat the hell...Going to exam already still like that.I also not sure whether is it I'm too stress up or wat.Now I just hope that my throat can recover soon,if not I can forget about singing.

For the time being,there's nothing to post.I'll post after my mid-year exam.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Woo...After 3 weeks,finally I have finish watching The Master Of Tai Chi.Hmm...The ending of the show was like... ...Erm,I don't really catch the ending.One thing I wanna complain is that Fung have very little scene in this show.If you got watch the ending,you will knew it.I'm a bit sad,but well since this show is 2 years ago,so I don't really have much to say.

I've started watching A Journey Called Life.It's really very nice.I love this show as it really show why teenager will turn bad.As in the show,Sze ka ka (Linda Chung) turn bad because of her step mother (Helen Ma).Helen Ma was really irritating in this show,if I were Ka ka I also dun wanna stay in the house.I really pity Linda in this show.It's really quite touching at the last part of episode 2,the part where Ka ka found her mum ashes.The part was really quite touching.Actually Ka ka was really very fillial to her mum.When she knew that her mum's ashes have lost,she went to find it immediately.When weekday starts,I confirm will have lesser time to watch the show.Haizz,poor me... ...
I've added a poll to my blog.Remember to vote before u leave.
Finally,The Master Of Tai Chi left 1 more episode and I'll complete the whole series.On the whole,I think that this show was quite good but there are some parts which I personally think that it is not that good.I think the best actress for this show is definitely going to be Melissa Ng (as Song Ching).I love her character,she acted well in this show.Hmm...I don't really like Myolie's character (as Chi Kwai).OMG,I can't stand her character in this show.So irritating at the first part. (*No offence to Myolie fans*)

I find that this show was kind of funny.Almost every episode,there will definitely be crying scene.I really dunno why it have to be like this.Some part is really quite sad,when u watch it u also feel like crying.Actually I'm also quite upset that the rating for this show is quite low.Almost every week is 28 points.But now that the show have ended,so no point discussing this thing again.

Now going to watch A Journey Called Life.I've been waiting for this show cuz I wanted to see Linda's performance in the show.But so far,quite a lot of people say that she was doing great in this show.I just saw some pictures about episode 1 & 2.She's so playful in it.Haha... ...

After watching A Journey Called Life,I'll be waiting for The Four,Heart Of Greed 2 & Forensic Heroes 2.I hope that The Four can show after the first week of May.Cuz if it show before that,I maybe cannot watch as I'm having exam.

Ok,I've finish posting.I'll post again next time.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

What the hell!!! Just now I went to Baidu tvb.OMG,I feel like smacking some of the people down there.They go criticise Fung say that he's acting was not good,The Master Of Tai Chi have a low raring point is because of him.
WTH!!! I feel like vomiting blood when I saw those message.Idiot sia... ...If they don't like Fung they can just SHUT UP,there's no need for them to criticise him.If u were me,you will confirm get very angry.Stupid sia... ...

Happy birthday to Linda.So fast you're 24.Hope that you have receive my present.Jia you!!! Looking forward to your new show.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Haizz...Nothing to do so I came up to post.School work is so stress especially now is nearing the exams.Sometimes really don't feel like going to school... ...Anyway I really very dunno what to say about my brother.He's been re-watching Heart Of Greed for the past few weeks,really dunno what he's thinking about.We always do the same thing when we were watching Heart Of Greed,that is having debate with each other.Cuz whenever we watch the part where Fung and Yoyo together,my brother will always say Alfred (Fung) not good,then say a lot of bad things.So when I heard that,I will of course get quite angry,so I will keep debating with him.

But he's quite funny.Cuz last saturday when I watch The Master Of Tai Chi episode 18,he kept crying at the last part ( The part where Yung pak tsun (Lau kong) kill himself,then Hiu sing (Fung) and Song ching (Melissa Ng) cry untill very badly).Untill now I still don't understand why he was crying.I admit that the last part was really very sad but will not really cry when watching it.When I laugh at him,he say I'm cold-blooded.The both of us always quarrel with each other but we awhile then like nothing happen like that and talk to each other.

Ok,enough for today post.I'll post again when I have finish watching The Master Of Tai Chi (5 more episode to the end).Yeah,after that I'll be watching A Journey Called Life.Waiting to see Linda.And one more thing The Four will be showing soon but not sure when.The theme song is sang by Fung,Ron,Kenneth and Sammul.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Today go to Jurong library with Ting hui & Bao kun.We went there to revise for our school work,then later on we went to Jurong entertainment centre to take neoprints.When we were taking neoprints,Ting hui keep laughing cuz Bao kun dun really know wat pose he should do,then do all pose like so funny.That's why Ting hui laugh.

Then later we went to Westmall,Ting hui go home first so me and Bao kun go Burger king and eat.Later we went to library and stay there for about 1 hour.Later I went to This Fashion and shop for cloths.Sorry Bao kun for letting you to wait so long.Cuz when I was shopping for cloths,Bao kun was standing outside waiting for me for 45 min.So sorry... ...

So tired for today,tmr have to go out again.I'll end my post here.