Wednesday, 22 April 2009

OMG!!! I'm feeling super happy now. Is like... I just have a dream. But I'm going to say, it's not. Paula call and tell me abt our SYF result. We got GOLD!!! Yes... It's like finally, we've been working very hard for this gold medal. Long practice hour plus lots and lots of scolding from teacher. But now we got gold, everything is worth it.
Good job everyone. Now that all of us, the Sec 4 have step down from CCA already, now it is up to the juniors to continue to make chinese dance proud. Jia you. Now when we see our seniors, we can tell them that we never failed them. We have improved from 2007 Sliver to this year 2009 Gold.

Wow.... Super happy now. I think at night I sleep I also will laugh. Wahaha....

Ok, I shall end my post here.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Today went back to school. Hmm... So far so good, except that I've missed out lots of test. Haha... Today Kai Ting damn funny. Cuz I go recess with her, before we go out of the classroom, she say "you so many days never come, never hear u talk abt ah Fung, a bit missed you." Haha.... So cute of her. Then later in the afternoon, I went to Higher MT with Amanda. Then I was telling her this incident, then when we walked a distance away from the bus stop, I just realise that I forget to throw rubbish. So I walk back to throw. When I walk towards Amanda, she said this "See, you talk abt ah Fung, talk until forget everything." LOL!!! Amanda hor.... -_-"
Then after Higher MT, I took176 to Jurong to take MRT home. Then when the 176 was reaching Jurong Regional Library, I look outside the window, and... I saw a bus, 157 have Fung's neugeno men advertistement. Wahaha.... SO coincidental. Lol...
Yes!!! Finally bought a Hello Kitty umbrella. It cost me $8. But oh well, since it can be use for a long time, so after dividing the amount, it's quite cheap. -_-" Haha....
Ok, so much abt Fung and Hello Kitty. Now is Linda. Ytd sms with Hannah, cuz I received a message from her saying that Linda received our present to her, and she thank us. So sweet of her......

Ok, so much for today. Have to go pack for tmr's school. Tmr is speech day and no lesson tmr, but have to go find mrs ng cuz I missed 1 or 2 Geog lessons. Haiz... I shall stop here.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Just came back from Indonesia. Something happened and have to go back. Now that Iive come back, it's time for me to catch up with all the things I've missed. Have to catch up with my studies, news and my F&N coursework. I'm dying soon. Hmm... Dunno whether should I perform for the speech day and SYF or not. Cuz just sms with Paula and she say that teacher change the dance and I'm not in it until the ending part. The problem is that, I've missed out all the practice sessions and friday is the performance. So... well, tmr maybe talk to teacher abt it. Nvm... It's no big deal for not participating in these performance. Anyway, after the 1 week, I'm mentally and physically tired. Dun feel like thinking too much abt everything.
Well, I think I shall just stop here because I still have to pack my bag for tmr and study for test. Speaking abt this, I'll have an re-test for the vocab test tmr. So, wel, I'll post again.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Time really passes through very fast. It was 7th April, and it have been 1 month since I last saw Fung in Singapore. Woo... Lots of things to do in the month of April. SYF, submission of F&N O level coursework part A, speech day... Waa... Really no break at all. But nvm, I'll just chiong for this year and after O level, I'll be having 1 month ++ break. Haha.... It's like finally, it's a real break for me. No holiday assignment, no nothing. And what I'll do everyday? Hmm... Watch show? Read books? Go out with friends? Go out with my family? Go overseas for holiday? Wahaha... But speaking abt going out with my family, it's been 1 year since I last go out with them together? I can't really rmb how long, but I know it's very very long time ago. Because this year was a super busy year for me. But I promise I'll make up these time to them :)
Now, month of April, 3 more months to O level oral and exactly 3 more weeks to mid year exam. Is like... OMG!!! I haven't even revise anything yet. All I do is find teacher to ask question. Die man... And the due date to submit the coursework is coming soon. And I still haven't finished. Looks like I'll have to stay back or go Amnda's house to do. Well, I guess I'll just have to work on the rate that I'm doing my coursework. Tmr submitting the draft to Mdm Ratna. Yeah, is draft ONLY. Because I dunno whether I'm correct or not, so have to let her check.

I shall stop here now. Have to do maths homework (extra question), study for F&N test and Vocab test...

Friday, 3 April 2009

Came up here to post abt ytd and today.

Ytd do Napfa test together with Ting Hui, Wen Yi and Choon Hui. Wahaha... We were so funny. Cuz the first station we do is incline pull up. Then Ting Hui was the first one to do. She do until halfway then like going to drop le, then me, choon hui and wen yi we keep saying "arron, arron". Lol... Then when my turn, ting hui say "lin feng, lin feng" then wen yi say "lam fung". Hahahaha..... Was super funny. then when it's choon hui and wen yi turn, we keep saying wu zhun. Lol... Then later at the sit up station also. Hahaha...
Then today do the 2.4 km run. OMG!!! The result I got was unbelievable. I can't believe it too. I got 13 min and 26 sec. Is like.... THIS IS THE FASTEST THAT I EVER GOT IN MY SECONDARY SCHOOL YEARS. Lol... It's true. Cuz last year I got 18 min plus, then sec 1 & 2 around 15 to 17 min. So this year's result was abit shocking to me. Super funny, when I was running pass Renee and Elsie, Renee said "Raymond waiting for you in front." Is like... o.O hahahahaha..... I got shock when she said that.
Hmm... Yeah, one last thing before I forget. Next monday, my school have a very special visitor. This person is, Tao Li, the swimmer from Singapore team. Was quite surprise that she was coming to my school. Woo...

Well, I think I'll just end here. I'm super tired after today's 2.4 km run and chinese dance practice. I shall post again.