Saturday, 27 September 2008

Yo, finally have time to come up and update. Sian arh, keep studying and studying. But lucky left one more week to suffer then after that I can relax. Yes!!!

Currently watching Moonlight Resonance episode 36 and The Four episode 2. MR so nice, OMG Michelle Yim so bad... Now waiting for the last four episode.
Haha, Fung so "cold" in The Four. He really is mo ching. He act until really like he dun like to interact with people. From episode 1 can see le. Well, I love this show. Ever since I keep talking about Fung, now my mum know which is him even I dun tell her. Just now I was watching The Four, then my mum was beside me, then I just saw Mo Ching, then later when the scene shoot Fung from in front, then my mum say : " lin feng arh? " Then I say yes, then she was nodding her head. Hahaha... ...

Well I'll make it short for this post, going to study again.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Yesterday went to Plaza Singapura to collect my Fung album from Bernice. Finally, I can have the album... Immediately after I went home, I listen to the songs. So nice... ... My favourite songs are Tonight, All about your love and After tomorrow. So excited, I got the poster too. But at night, I saw a news saying that there is another edition for Fung album. There will be 3 MV and 6 postcard.
3 MV : Love with no regret, After tomorrow & Lover and sea

I feel like buying this edition, but firstly, must save money really hard cuz after I bought Linda's album, Love TV album and Fung current album, I'm really broke. Haiz... ... Oh, and one more thing, La Femme Desperado is going to showing on Ch U. Yes!!! Can watch another Fung's show. Wow, it sure is a " Fung " month.

Well, I'll stop my post here, I have to go study le.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Today went to Jurong Library with Ting Hui and Bao Kun. That Bao Kun arh, ask him to meet at 09 30 but end up he came only at 10 00. He arh... ... Then after he came, we start to do our revision. I've done part of my Geography and Food & Nutrition revision. Hmm... erm... it's a bit slow, but we only have 4 hours to study. We left the Library at 14 00 and went to the food court in JEC to eat our lunch. After lunch, we went to Poh Kim to look for CDs, when me and Ting Hui was standing outside watching DOL, surprisingly we saw Mr. Ho then I tell Ting Hui. Then Ting Hui was the first one to Mr. Ho say Hello, then me then Bao Kun. Mr. Ho look surprise to saw us there. Haha... ... After we came out of Poh Kim, me and Ting Hui went to This Fashion to look for clothes, then we spot lots of pretty clothes, so we start to shop, but never bought any of it. Bao Kun was so patient waiting for us. So thankful to him. Actually I also got make him wait for me one time. That time was really super long. He waited for me for around 1 hour, but he was really VERY patient. He stand outside This Fashion and read. But this time is he walking around the 1st floor. Thank you Bao Kun.

After I went home, around 17 00 I listen to FM 93.3 and guess what, I heard them playing Fung's duet with Vincy. Actually I dunno that was Fung's and Vincy duet until the DJ say Lin Feng, yong er, then I shout without finish listening to what the DJ say. Haha... ... But Fung does not sound the same when he sing mandrian song. Maybe because I'm use to listening to him sing cantonese, so still need time to adjust. When I shout, I end up kena scolded by my mum. She say I siao, then say she thought what. Haha, lucky my mum was use to it cuz she know that I'm very crazy over Fung and Linda, so it's very normal for me to shout when I heard their song featured on FM 93.3 . I rmb doing the same thing when I heard Linda's song. Hehe... ...

Well I shall end my post here.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Woo, finally have time to come and update.

1st thing first, have to congratulate Fung for successfully release his 2nd album, Your Love. I haven't got the album yet, so still dunno about how the song is, but heard that it is quite good. and one more thing, the two song s which is in English title, Tonight and All about your love is R&B type. Haizz.. This album have no MV at all, I think EEG going to have special edition cuz I know I've saw news saying that Fung have film an EEG version MV for MR sub-theme song, Love with no regret. Ai ya, I know really have no money, if they really have the special edition, I think I have to consider whether to buy or not. Cuz Linda also have 3rd edition for her album. Haiozz...

2nd thing : Another 2 more weeks till my End of year exam. Waa... time really pass very fast. So fast already going to take my EOY exam, so fast going to take my O level MT paper. Quite worried for my EOY because today get my result slip for CA2, quite disappointed with the result although some of my subject have improve, but there are also subject that I have score quite badly. Of course mathematics is one of them, well tmr going out to study with Ting Hui, Bao Kun & Sheila. SHeila will be teaching me maths. So thankful to her for teaching me. I really hope to get good results for my EOY exam. It's quite weird, I now suddely feel like studying when I have free time. Well, I think this could be a good thing for me.

3rd thing : Currently watch Moonlight Resonance until episode 28. Yuet (Tavia) so poor thing, Ka mei (Kate) so bad in this show, frame Yuet for accusing her that she have a child. And Ling zhi shun (Bosco) also, keep hurting Tsau (Linda). Everytime have to make Tsau cry then he happy. He is like 2 timer, Have Wing lam ( Claire Yiu ) then still want to be with Tsau. He never think for Tsau, she's the one who suffer the most, but luckily Goon ka zai ( Fung ) is always at Tsau side whenever Tsau needs help.
I just saw a magazine talking about the ending of Moonlight Resonance, but dunno whether true or not. Well, I dun wanna guess the ending, I think I'll just carry on watching MR if I wanna find out the ending :)

Wow, today updated lots of things. Well I'll update again when I have time. Have to go to bed early, tmr meeting Ting Hui to eat breakfast. Shall work hard and perserver another 3 weeks including exam weeks... ...

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Lyrics of 過山車

給你夢打開窗扉 給沮喪心理預備



擁有極新款手機 都關注荒廢遠地



如搭上過山車般飛馳 一秒十里


潛意識派上走訪天涯 各種況味


如踏上過山車般當然 高處甚美




給你夢打開窗扉 給沮喪心理預備



敢說自己輸得起 終於會得到勝利