Monday, 28 December 2009

Messages to friends

Wow, it's been 1 year since I last post the message for my frens. Well, this is the message for this year.

First of all, this message goes to my friends (school):


It's been 8 years since we know each other. Hmm... End of today, it'll be 9 years. That's really fast. Although there's always been quarrels (ahem ahem) between us, BUT... Hahaha... There's also lots of craps too. (LOL!!! I think mainly I'm the one who is crapping. Hahaha...) But really thanks for u to be by my side (I know that's sounds a bit wrong. LOL) to share all my happy and sad moments. Wish u all the best for coming year and well... Be as sweet as honey with... *ahem* LOL!!! Most important is this RMB TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF URSELF!!!

Ting Hui

Yo! Hmm... It's been 2 years since we know each other. Hahaha... I will never forget how we start to talk to each other. Haha... Really thankful to know u, u're really a "kai1 xin1 guo3". Know u for 2 years but never seen u being sad before, even bad things happened, u'll also smile and face it. Hmm... This year something happened (some of u know wat happened), and I know that u're very "wei3 qu1" by that incident, but well, now things are finally over. Hope that the incident doesn't affect u much (I know it won't because u are the ting hui that I know =) ). All the best to u for coming year and meet up when u can. Hahaha...


I use yellow for ur name because U ALWAYS REMINDS ME OF THE SUN. LOL!!! Cuz u very sunshine. Hahaha... It's also been 2 years since we know each other but only this year then we really talk a lot to each other (LOL!!!). But, really nice to know u, because u and ting hui are really cute. Hahaha... I will not forget everytime u play with ting hui. Hahaha... Things are over and dun think too much le. Be the sunshine wen jie. =) All the best to u. and also meet up if u can.

Kristine and Hwee Koon

I really enjoy the time where the 5 of us (wen jie, ting hui, me, and both of u) were together. Hahaha... It's always been so fun when we were together. All the best to u all and hope to meet up soon.

Tze Hsin

Hahaha... Ok, now is u le =) Really have a lot of fun when we go out together. Still rmb this June holiday? Love it lots cuz we always go Jing Lei's house. Hahaha... And rmb something also? The phone call? LOL!!! Still rmb how we laugh so hard when u and qiong min were at my house making the call? Hahaha... Find sometime and we shall go Jing Lei's house since he promised us to bake for us. Hahaha... All the best to u and we shall go and have another K session with qiong min. =)

Qiong min

Yo! How are u? Long time never contact u le leh. When u free? Come out and meet again. Our K session. Lots of things to catch up for us... All the best to u.

Jing Lei

Dun be too shock that I also write message for u. Hahaha... Cuz u still owe us something. Hehe =P Ok lah, dun tekan u liao lah. All the best to u and arh, faster clean ur house arh. We all want to go derh hor. Hahaha... And u shall be our chef for the day. Hahahaha...

Cheng Ying

Must CHEER UP hor. Be more positive! Dun always look at things from the negative side. Rmb arh. All the best for ur work, and come out meet leh. We are going to Jing Lei's house, if u can, rmb to come also hor. Cuz go there we dun nid to scare nothing to eat. Jing Lei will bake for us cuz he promised me, tze hsin and amanda that he'll let us try. Come also arh. See you!

Next, is for my fren cum bao bei cum juniors:

Jing wen (daughter), Cecilia & Lynette

Take care and work hard for ur O. All the best. I'll go back to see u all derh =) And my daughter, u must guai guai ting hua wor, hahahaha... LOL!!! We shall meet up soon. But must be after ur O. Hahaha...

Then, now is for my "big sisters":


Hahaha.... LOL!!! Suddenly, I just lost my words, dunno how to say. Really thanks for listening to me all this time for those incidents. Love those time where all of us go out together, be it chasing artistes or meet up. Yeah, shall dun care abt those annoying things and hahahaha... Our K session with HH. All the best to u. Hahaha...


Yoyo! Same thing here, thanks for listening to me abt those incidents. Yeah, shall not care abt those annoying things. Hahaha... Eh... I lost my words again. There's so much I wanna say, but... Dunno how to phrase. Nvm, u can understand jiu ok le =) All the best to u.


Eh... Why do I always lost me words arh? Haiz... Nvm. I really love the times where all of us are together. Lots of fun things happened between us. Hahaha... All the best to u. Hope that coming year will be better...


Sukai, how are you? Hope everything's fine for you. All the best to you in coming year, and hope that we can have the chance to see each other again =)

To all: We shall meet up really soon =)

Jeslin and Sherlyn

Muahahaha... I will never forget our combine convo on MSN. Hahahaha... I know that our convo really... Hahaha.... But it's fun. The way we talk abt _______, really can make us laugh to death. LOL!!! Cuz arh, whenever we convo, I always laugh until very loud when I'm reading it. (LOL!!! My "mental illness" still haven't recover yet Hahaha...) And... End up, I always kena scolding from my mum. LOL!!! We shall mass convo again if we have the chance. Hahaha... Seems like wat we said in the convo is rite, next time we shall have a shade when looking at the pictures. Eh... But arh, must make sure that it's shock proof, if not, we're going to get mesmerise again. LOL!!! ( This only applies to me and Sherlyn. LOL, sherlyn, dun bash me arh. To Jeslin: Hahaha... I know when u see this message, u sure tak boleh tahan again. Hahaha...)

And last but not least, goes to my friends (same age =) ):

Hsieh Hui aka HH

Yo! Really have a good time with u during the meet up that we have. That was the first meet up ever since July. And our ice cream. I think I'm addicted to those ice cream. We shall go there and eat whenever we meet with each other =) And our K session with Hannah. Wow... We're sure going to meet up soon.


Hey hey! How's u recently? It's been awhile since we met (hahaha... After our work). Meet up really soon when we can. =)

Last but not least, wish everyone will get good results for O level, all the best to everyone and take care!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Woo... Going to Jakarta in another 11 hours and 10 mins. The time on my clock is 12 50 am. Haha... This time round, be sure that I'll shop till I drop. Haha... Ok, shall not post further more, shall just post out some fung's pics before I end my post. See you soon when I'm back in SG.

p/s: I'll post the 6 days 5 nights trip when I'm back.

Credit: TVB hui guan

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Finally completed "Beyond The Realm Of Consience". Woo... The ending was tense but nice. Hahaha... My mum and I keep chasing the show together. Woo... Hmm... Actually I felt sorry for Lai Fei (Lol... I also dunno why), although I agree with her that "yan3 baat4 wai3 gei2, tin1 zhu1 dei3 mit4", but that doesn't mean that I agree with her that she must put other in danger. So, dun misunderstand my meaning. Hahaha...

Well, I think I shall post this little, cuz I dunno what to post alr. I'm tired...
Shall post again...

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

From now on, pls move on to my alive not dead blog for update abt video or news etc. Cuz dunno what happened, I can't seem to paste the things here. Sorry for the inconvenient causes.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Happy Birthday! =D


May all ur wishes come true and have a great day! =D

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Today went to meet up with Jeslin and Sherlyn at Orchard. I meet Jeslin first cuz Sherlyn nid to go back to school in the morning. So I met Jeslin at 11 40, actually suppose to be 11 30 but i missed my train so end up I'm late for 10 mins. After meeting her, we went to look for present because Jeslin wanna give it to someone. So after looking for awhile, she decided to buy handphone strap with name on it. Around 12 plus, Sherlyn came to meet up with us.

So we went walking around, while we were at lucky plaza (I think, cuz i forget the place. LOL!!!), we saw something. But actually is Jeslin saw it first. When we were walking towards the a shop selling watches, Sherlyn and I were looking at other shop, then suddenly Jeslin say that she saw something. Then both of us was like, "huh? what thing?" Then, when we looked in front of us, we saw Fung's MY concert's ad. LOL!!! So coincidence!!! The ad was saying that when we buy the watch, u can get a pair of the concert ticket. Me and Sherlyn walk to the shop and we were like so excited? Hahahahaha.............. Then later we went to cineleisure at around 1 plus then Jeslin ate there. After that, we went to K box. Hahaha... The moment, we went in, we keep singing Fung's songs. LOL!!! Then after Fung's songs are all S.H.E's songs. Hahaha... Both Sherlyn and me was abt to die when we singing S.H.E's songs. LOL!!! Then after S.H.E's song is Andy Lau's songs. Hahaha...

A lot funny things happened when we singing Fung's songs. LOL!!! Cuz we choosen song's such as "Tonight", "Illusiuon", "Let's Get Wet", and "Let's Get Wet medley. Then the moment the music start, I'm shaking and dancing. LOL!!! Can u believe it? Hahaha... For those who know me, they know that I'll not dance in front of ppl, not even frens. Hahaha... When I dance in front of them is really I'm in very very good mood. So I've been shaking with the music. Then Jeslin was talking to Sherlyn, Sherlyn say that next time Fung come, request them to ask me to dance for Fung. Like show one small part. Then I'm like "huh?! No way! Cannot. So paiseh." Hahahaha....
So arh... Dun "sabo" me hor.

Hahaha... Then after K, we went to Chinatown cuz Sherlyn and Jeslin wanna change currency. After that, we went to eat and I reached home at around 10 plus.

Today was really fun, and one last thing, another K session before I leave SG to Jakarta. Hahaha... 3rd time alr. Nvm, it's fun to go singing with frens. Hahaha...

Last but not least, have to congrats to the winners of ytd TVB anniversary award presentation. Shall post again.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Currently watching "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience". I like the show a lot, it's very exciting. I think that the plot is quite nice. I like Tse xuet sum's character, although she's very evil in the show, but I think she acted quite well in the show. And I like to watch Michelle Yim and Susanna Kwan too. The fight between the both of them is very exciting!!! Now waiting to see ah yi act as the evil concubine. CUz at the 1st episode, when they doing the recount, is like... Woo... Ah yi very evil. LOL!!! Excited to see her performance in the show. Hahaha...
Now at episode 12, had been chasing this show the moment I got it ytd from the rental shop. Hahaha... My mum also said that this show is nice.

Haha, after I've finished "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience", I nid to continue with " The Stew Of Life" cuz nid to finisd it asap in order to return it to Jeslin.

Now I'm waiting for next year's show, "Mystery Of Love" & "Growing Through Life"!!! But my fren know what show I'm more looking forward to. Hahaha....... Seriously Fung is very handsome in the show. LOL!!! I think is because I look at the gif made by fans at baidu, so now I got a very deep impression abt Fung in the show. Hahaha..........

Ok, shall stop here. Have to continue to watch "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience"...