Sunday, 28 February 2010

Today went to sent Bobby and Xuen xuen off. OMG!!! A lot funny things happened in the airport. Bobby was so playful. When we was in the airport where they were checking in, Bobby was standing in front of me so i hold my camera and take a picture of him. Then he turn and saw, he said: "What are you doing?" Then I just replied: "Take a picture of u." Then Jeslin added: " U handsome wat." Something funny happened during the middle of the event, I shall not type it out cuz I too lazy... LOL... Shall tell u guys if I have the chance. Shall not post too much, shall post the last part. When Bobby was abt to go in, Jeslin said to Bobby: "Fung is ur devil." Bobby said: "Haiz... Yeah. Actually I should be the one to act as the devil." Then Jeslin replied: "No, Fung should be." Then Bobby said: "Nvm, I go back tell Fung, Me and ah yi act as couple. Is he feeling very sad."
OMG!!! When Jeslin, Sherlyn and I heard wat Bobby said, the 3 of us laugh very hard. LOL...

Ok, shall end my post here. I know it doesn't have a "ending", but pictures will be up later maybe around tmr. It'll be up at my facebook.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Today went to watch 72 tenant with Jeslin, Sherlyn, Bernice & Noelle. And so coincident, we met Hannah, Jessica, Michelle, Vee & Shu yi + Pauline and her fren. Hahaha... So qiao!!! All of us come to watch some more at the gv in ps. Haaha...

OMG!!! The movie... Fung so funny. My goodness... Faint~~~ Hahaha... And for Linda part, she and cho lam... LOL... Ok, I shall not say much, u guys shall go and watch, It's REALLY worth it. I was laughing so hard in the cinema... LOL...

After the movie, Jessica, Michelle, Vee and Shu yi and Noelle went home first, then Jeslin, Hannah, Sherlyn, Bernice and me went to eat. We were so funny when we were eating. Hehe...

Shall post this much today... Very tired but high... LOL

Monday, 1 February 2010

Starhub roashow

I shall post the roadshow thing here. Hahaha... As for the award, pls proceed over to my alivenotdead blog. But well, same old rule, I've locked it up for frens only.

After sending Fung off in the morning, Jeslin drove Sherlyn, HH and me to the mac at Bedok to eat breakfast. Well, she treated us the meal. Thank you! When we were there, we were talking abt the airport thing. Arh... Fung really VERY VERY cute!!! So nice of him... But arh... All of us was like so "diao" when we saw him drank coke early in the morning. Hehe =P Haha... Something funny happened when we were eating. LOL!!! Cuz in the airport I said "Good luck" to Fung, cuz tha night was the award ceremony for the mandarin song thing, then when Jeslin heard it, she say no nid to say good luck, sure got award derh. Then when I were drinking my tea, but I'm bitting onto my cup because I was too lazy to hold it, then Sherlyn repeat the whole thing. I was abt to drink my tea, then when I heard that, I spit out. (LOL!!!!!) And end up, the tea kena my small jacket and my bag. LOL!!! Hahaha...

After the breakfast, HH went home cuz she's going to the 933 concert at night, so she nid to go home and rest. And so, I went with Sherlyn and Jeslin back to Jeslin's house cuz she wanna put her things. At around 10 45, we walked to Eunos MRT station and took train to Plaza Singapura. We reached there at around 11 30 then went to meet up with Shu hui. For the very first time, the place was so empty when the time is 11 plus. LOL. Then went to buy drinks with Jeslin and Sherlyn and went back to chop place. Hannah came at around 12 30. LOL!!! Fun part came, cuz they got the karaoke singing competition then the host ask us what we wanna listen then we keep asking for Fung's song.

I'm not posting abt the things happening. Hahaha... Our own ppl know can liao. Hehe =P

After that we went to eat that time we saw 72 tenant poster at the lift door. Then me and shu hui keep taking pictures abt it. Hehe... Then later Shu hui left first then Sekina. After Jeslin & Sherlyn ate finished, we went to the cinema to kpo abt it. At first we thought dun have, then who knows when we walk further down, we saw the poster. HAHA!!! Then I keep taking pictures of it. After taking, we went to the washroom. Along the corridoor, there is even BIGGER poster. LOL!!! I keep taking a lot of picture. My Fung & my Yan!!! Shall sent the pictures to my frens.

Ok, shall stop here. Pictures wise, pls proceed to my fb.

13 more days till CNY and valentine's days. Yay! My ang bao money... Ipod touch, here I come!!!