Sunday, 30 March 2008

Yesterday go Outram park with Paula and Mdm Ratna to attend a talk on eating healthy.The notes provided is very useful for my F&N coursework.Before that,me and Paula meet each other at mac to eat.Then at 12+ , Paula accompany me to CCK to buy present for Linda.Haha,I buy 'gui gui' for her.OMG,the 'gui gui' is so cute.Me and Paula look already also feel like having one.Then we saw doraemon,so I tell Paula,if Fung come SG,I will buy doraemon for him.Haha,I know it seems like a little bit children,but those of u who know Fung personallity,u will sure know that he is really 'xiao hai zi' .Sometime u will find him very cute,for me,I treat him as my big brother.

Enough for today post.Sian arh,tmr have to go to school.Weekend come so fast and end so fast... ...

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Some random post for today.A Journey Called Life pictures.

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Monday, 24 March 2008

Today we have our inter-class cheer competition.It was fun although we never win.The thing I like our my class is that we are very responsible.When there is any class event,we will participate as we know that it is for the class.
I don't have anything to write,so I will post my class cheer out.

3E1 class cheer

We will win the cheer [x3]
Go E1
We will win the cheer [x3]
One Last time
We will win the cheer [x3]

3E1 Oi !!!
Oi !!!
1,2,3 go
3E1 itchy gonna fight
*4 claps*
*4 claps*
*4 claps*

Shake your hip
Dance to the beat
E1's here from our head to our feet
So come on E1 here we go
euphoria-us we rock and roll.

My heart go shalalalala
Shalala in the morning
Oh [x3]
Shalala in the sunshine
My heart go shalalalala
Shalala in the morning
Oh [x3]
We respect and we are responsible.

*3 claps*

We are from E1 and we cannot lie
We are the best and we can't deny
We will win and you all will cry
And you all will say
Wah wah wah wah [x2]

Bow chika bow wow
That's how we work it out
Bow wow wow
And our heart start pumping
Chika chika bow wow
And here we go

Now that you done the cheer
Let me see you clap your hand
*10 claps*
Now that you got the beat
Let me see you stomp your feet
*10 stomp*
Now that you got the groove
Let me see your body move
Woo yeah,yippee yippee yeah
Xi shua shua,Xi shua shua,Xi shua shua
Woo Woo
Xi shua shua,Xi shua shua,Xi shua shua

Come on E1 Let's go!!!
Pom cha pom
Pom pom cha pom
Pom pom cha,pom pom cha,pom pom cha pom
Let's break it down now
Pom cha pom pom cha
Pom cha pom pom cha
Pom cha pom pom cha
3E1 go!!!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Yes!!!Finally holiday have come,can concentrate to watch my show.But at the same time,have to do my holiday assignment.Sian arh,why teacher have to give so many holiday assignment?

But anyway still got time to watch show.So far I've finish watching watching New Breath Of Love (ai qing xin hu xi),on the way watching Drive Of Life & Just started watching Master Of Tai Chi. *smile* Seems like I'm quite busy.Hmmm...but still ok cuz today got time to post.Let's talk about TVB show.

Now I'm watching Master Of Tai Chi,it's really a good show.I'm not sure how many ppl are the same as me.I like the fighting scene cuz for me I like martial art,so eventually I will like this kind of show.
Hmmm...Is The Seventh Day nice?Cuz If it's nice then I will watch it as when the new term start,I'm not sure whether I have enough time to watch it or not.Normally during school day,I don't have enough time to online and watch show.

I shall end my post here.I'll post later.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Today go out with Angela,Jeslin,Bernice,Pauline & Helen.(all my jie jie)

We meet at city hall at 2 p.m,then after everyone have reached we went to Food Junction to eat.After eating as you know,we talk about Fung.All of them share their experience when they were in KL.Haha,it's so cute and funny.Thanks Angela for lending me New Breath Of Love (in chinese is "ai qing xing hu xi").
We were talking and laughing.OMG,Ah Fung so cute!!!Jeslin told me that when she pass the chocolate to Fung,he take already immediately put it into his bag.His action was so fast that Jeslin and Angela was shock when they saw that.Ai ya,ah Fung always like that one leh.

We sit at Food Junction for a very long time.From around 02 10 to 9+.Haha we so pro rite.We can talk for so long.

It's quite fun to chat with them.I shall end my post here cuz it's quite late.