Thursday, 28 August 2008

Finally have the chance to update my blog. Now at IT resource room updating the post. Mdm Ratna today never come, then a relief teacher brought us to IT resource room. Haha... Can use comp. Actually I've been visiting my blog these few days is just that I have no time to update.
Very tired, tmr is the performance for teacher's day celebration. So nervous and excited !!!
Well, I think I will not continue to post anything. Nothing special today and I'll end my post here...

Sunday, 17 August 2008

The following is an extract from Fung's Moonlight Resonance blog.

網誌日期: 2008-08-14






The reason for putting this whole extract is because after I read it, I find it touching. So I thought of putting this up to share with those that view my blog. Hope you'll like the things written.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Today came to update again.

1st thing : I'm sure that lots of you know that quite a lot artist are going to release album, well I'll just update some that I know.

15 Aug 2008 --- Releasing of Susanna's album
20 Aug 2008 --- Releasing of Linda's album
** 20 Aug 2008 --- Releasing of Love TV album
Sept 2008 --- Releasing of Fung's album

For your information, Love TV album is a compilation of TVB theme and subtheme song. It have song such as A Journey Called Life theme song, Moonlight Resonance theme song, Maiden's Vow theme and subtheme song, Best Bet theme song and etc.
I believe now most of you already order Linda's album from Linda garden and sent in the order to FF for Fung's album.

2nd thing : Now have been watching Moonlight Resonace. I'm now at episode 8, ok I know I'm slow. It's getting more and more exciting. Waiting for episode 16 cuz I saw it some where saying that they celebrate Lee sze kei's birthday, then Moses act as Hor ma, Fung act as Aunt Sa then the the rest I forget already. Well, let's just wait and see.

3rd thing : Linda, Steven, Kent and Maggie will started to film a new show tmr. In this show, Linda will be acting as tomboy. Remember to support this show.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Today is really a day of celebration. First is the celebration for National Day in school and second is the opening of Beijing olympic. Today meet with Germaine to collect my book from her. Woo, Sharon's new book, Love Sensitive is a very nice book for love. The book come with a autograph picture and sharon's autograph on the book.
And one more thing to say, Linda album will have 2 covers. So for those who want to buy both cover, it's time for u to save money.

Well I think I'll end my post here. I'll post again next time.

Happy 43th Birthday To SINGAPORE !!!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Recently nothing to post cuz I'm busy with my studies. Well currently watching Moonlight Resonance. It's a show that you definitely have to watch. I love Raymond's character in this show, he really is steward boy. He's cute too. Especially the part where he put Susanna out and Susanna use the mop to beat Ha yu. OMG, that part is damn funny.

I think I won't be updating my blog so often until 2nd week of October. Cuz now have to revise for my common test and my EOY exam. After my EOY, I'll be updating my blog frequently. I shall end here, have to rest cuz I'm feeling dizzy from the moment I wake up. Well I guess I'm going to fall sick... ...