Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Wow, finally I've finish watching The Four. Episode 25 sure is very good. I love the part abt Mo Ching ( Fung ) and Chi Yin ( Kate ). Both of them are really pityful lovers, although they truely love each other, but they can't be together in the end. I almost cry when I was watching their scene. It really touches me... Although I dun really like Kate, but I like her character in the show. I like the part where Mo Ching and her was at the lake, then she told him everything. After that she request Mo Ching to play the music where he use to play. And so Mo Ching agree... After that when Mo Ching was fast asleep, Chi Yin went off and leaving behind a note for him. Because Chi Yin was being poison, she did not was Mo Ching to see her being disfigured when the poison starts to react in her body, she hope that Mo Ching will have a good impression on her. But later, Mo Ching found her. They were standing far away looking at each other. Chi Yin then mumble " Sorry " then she went off. Then after that when gold sword say that he go and chase Chi Yin, Mo Ching stopped him. He then say " As long as I know that she's fine, I'm happy. "
Arh... This part really touches me a lot. My eyes were redish when I'm watching this part.

Well, after this, I'll be continuing to watch Gem Of Life. Yeah, another 16 more episode then will see Linda. Finally, Linda... Arh... I missed her... Long time never watch her show. Cuz I haven't watch Legend Of Demigod. So I'm only depending on Gem Of Life. And during December, I'll be starting to study and get prepare for next year. So very little time to watch TV.

Well, I think I'll end my post here.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Wow, after few weeks of continuously watching The Four, finally I'm left with the last epiosde. This show is really very interesting, although there are comment on the show saying that it is not very exciting in terms of sloving the case, but for me, I think overally is quite good.

Firstly is the scenery of the show. I really love the place where they film the outdoor scenes. Especially the place where Mo Ching was on episode 22. The lake is really very beautiful and the waterfall in episode 23. Although can only see part of it as the focus is on Lang Huet and Siu To, but when the camera film at an angle where we could see the waterfall, I truely find that it really looks great.

Secondly is the story. It's not so ridiculous that u cannot accept the whole show. I find it quite good. Every artiste really put in lots of hardwork into this show. From the way they express their feeling. Sometimes, I'm really very touch by them. I really like the scene of Mo Ching ( Fung ) & Song Chi Yin ( Kate ). Both of them really touches me a lot and I almost cry when watching their scene.

Lastly is of course the artiste that are filming in this show. I will not deny that I watch this show because of Fung. But that is only part of the reason. Actually before that, I already watch the china version of " Sei dai ming bo ". So, I'm attracted to this show. Then later there's news saying that TVB will be filming, so I'm quite excited to heard it. But now after watching, I find that it's quite good. But the only loops they made was in episode 10, the part where Mo Ching ( Fung ) was drinking the medicine. Actually, the bowl he was holding was empty. There isn't any water in the bowl, but Fung still act until as if there is he is really drinking medicine. Actually before that I already saw it on the internet abt this, but when I'm watching that scene, I totally believe that he was drinking medicine until I remembered abt the empty bowl, then when I look closely, there's really nothing in the bowl. Haha, from this, we can really see that Fung's acting skill is really great :P

Now I'm waiting for the last episode of The Four. After that, I think I'll concentrate on Gem Of Life, but it's really very long. 80 episode, OMG... ...

Woo... Today I've posted lots of things. Well, I think I shall stop here because if I continue some more, I think those of you who are reading my post will fall asleep eventually. =)

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Just finish watching The Four episode 21 & 22. OMG, Fung damn poor thing in episode 22. Kate cheated him and he was caught by the bad guys. Argh... Kate so evil. Wah biang, I dunno why just now when watching episode 22, I nearly cry. But it's not sad scene, it's the part where they going to torture Mo Ching ( Fung ) to force him to say out the whereabout of the weapon. Haiz... I scare I will cry when I watch episode 23. :P Ok, I know I'm a bit... ... Like that also can cry. Haha...

I currently can't post the picture abt the gathering on 18 cuz my comp these few days have been behaving very odd. Well, I think its like going to crash soon. Well, so pls pardon me if I'm slow in replying yr tag or worst still, when I'm chatting with u on msn and suddenly go off.

Haiz... I think I shall stop here.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Waa... Finally now my runny nose and soar throat is getting better. Before that I'm sick :'( I hate it man. Have been sneezing all along. But well, luckily it gets better. Yesterday Fung when up to Malaysia radio station for interview. Thanks to Jeslin and Angela for updating me. Poor Fung, he was sick. Last few days still having fever. Then in the interview he said he still got a bit of coughing. Haiz... And he arh, he said that if monday he dun have to work, he'll come SG to eat. If he come, he confirm will eat " hai nan ji fan ". Haha, cuz he got say before that the chicken rice that SG sell is nice. Haha... Oh, one more thing to remind u all. Tmr 12 noon, rmb to listen to FM93.3 song chart. Because Fung and Vincy's duet was in the chart last week. So tmr must listen to see whehther the song is still in the chart or not. But well, of course I hope it can be in the chart and it will continue to go higher in the ranking until it get no. 1

Just now went to collect The Four epiosde 19 and 20. OMG, episode 19 when Fung was being injured on the leg, he look so funny when he was talking to Kate. He really super playful. But from episode 19, I realise one thing, Fung leg is like so slim. It's like a girl's leg. :p But wat I'm saying is true. When I see already I was like, OMG, so slim.

Well, I think I'll end my post here. Have to go finish up my novel that I borrowed from the library. 4 novels. Waa... die, have to finish by 3 weeks... And one more thing. I think you guys will have notice that I haven't been updating abt my fanfiction. Well, the new chapter will be up soon. Sry for not updating for such a long time because I'm really busy. But well, I really have to end post at here...

Friday, 24 October 2008

So happy, the letter that I wrote to FM 93.3 was being read out. Buit of course I do really want the letter to be read out. Cuz in the letter, it is what I wanted to say to my friend. I'm sorry that I can't write all names in it. But for those that I've mention in the letter, you will always be the best to me. Of course there are others, but there are too many of u and some of u never listen to chinese FM. Like Paula. Haha, my crazy jie :p No lah, cannot say bad things abt her. Hehe...

Tonight will be a pleasent night for me. Sure going to have a good sleep. First is my message being read out, then have Fung and Vincy's duet ( actually it was me who request for this song to be played ). Well, I really wish that those of u who have heard the message and song will have a pleasent night too. I think I'll write in to dedicate song again. But this time round will be Linda's song. So all Linda's fan that know me, take note of FM 93.3 during Dec. Ok, I know it's a bit long, but well, cuz Nov I'm quite busy, so have to wait. Sry...

I shall end my post here. Good night :)

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Phew... Luckily my class position did not drop. Well, today I ask Mr Nonis, then he say that the one he give me and my mum see was just the old result. Waa... It's lucky that I never drop. But when I look at the report book, I realise something, the total marks for end year is the same as mid year, is just that my L1R4 and L1R5 is higher by 1 mark, 18 & 27. Today last day of school, but not happy, because need to go back for foundation programme and CCA. For CCA is because next year is our SYF so we need to work really hard in order to sustain sliver and fight for gold. Hmm... Well, I believe if all of us work together, it will not be problem for us :)

Later going to the Jurong library to return and borrow books. I think I shall stop here since nothing much to post for today.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

This post will be quite random. Lol, which of my post is not random? Well, haiz... quite disappointed with my end year result. My class position drop from 6th to 7th. Sob... Cannot let this happen anymore. Even can't get super good result, at least must let me see improvement. But today when I saw my result, I feel disappointed. Those that I expected to improve did not improve, but end up worst. For example my Higher MT drop from B4 to C5, then accounting I was expecting it to get at least 80 but end up got 79. But luckily my F&N improve from C5 to B4. Hmm... My total overall percentage is 58.1% then as for the L1R4 and L1R5 still remain unchanged. I promise that next year mid-year, I'm going to get 14 for L1R4 which is provided I can make my maths from F9 to B3.

Well, currently started watching Gem Of Life. It's really a nice show. Gigi very pathetic. Haha, that Ada is like so funny and cute although she very firce. Well guess I'll have to watch patiently before I reach episode 20. Hmm... Seems like I'll have to finish the show by end of Dec so that I can concentrate on my studies for next year's O level.

Last thing, for those who have bought I Weekly issue 573, pls vote for the following :

Best drama : A1 ( Moonlight Resonance )
Favourite actress : B10 ( Linda Chung )
Favourite actor : C1 ( Raymond Lam )

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

On 18, I've just went out to meet up with Hannah, Vanessa, Jaime, Noelle, Germaine, Jai xin and Joyin. First we meet at Orchard MRT. Then later we went to mac to eat and chat. Lastly Hannah give us our Linda album. Haha, finally I got my Linda album. Immediately after when I went home, I play the CD and watch the MV. Haha, now me whole head is Linda's songs. As for the pictures we took, I'll post it up later cuz waiting for Vanessa to send me the photos.

Hmm... now stopping at episode 18 for The Four. It's really very exciting. Argh... Chi Yin ( Kate ) make use of Mo Ching's ( Fung ) feeling. OMG!!! Poor Mo Ching. I'm not sure how many of you have watch the " fan hau gam " where they interviewed them. Kate also very funny. Fung say that in this show, Kate acupuncture him until bleed. Ai yo yo... She arh... Haha.

Well I'll end my post here, later going to rent Gem Of LIfe first 2 episode.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Today went to Orchard with Amanda & Jie Ying. We meet at 11 am at Bukit Batok MRT station, then from there, we travel to Orchard. after 51 min of travelling, finally reach Orchard. First, we accompany Amanda to boarders to look for book, but we can't find the book. So after that around 12 30, we went to Food Village to eat lunch. After that we went to Takashimaya's Kinokunia. I went to look for magazine and Amanda went to look for her book. This time round, we stay slightly longer because the book that we were looking for is SERIOUSLY very difficult to find. But eventually, we found it. Then last we went to find Far East Plaza. But after walking for 20 min, we didn't found it but we went to Lucky Plaza. Then at there, Jie Ying manage to find the bad that she want.
Then after went back from Orchard, I went to have ear piercing. Yeah, finally all my earings I can wear.

Went to collect my VCD for The Four episode 15 & 16. Argh... Dun like Kate's character. Bad girl, go make use of Fung feelings. OMG, my Fung gor gor so poor thing leh... ... But well, if I'm not wrong, Fung like got give up on her eventually. But I still not sure, so must continue to watch, but 9 more episode only. So fast going to end the show and no more Fung show until next year le. Sian....

Tmr going out with Hannah they all. Haha, we'll be trying to call in to win the ticket to the preview for Gem Of Life.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Now at Amanda's house. Ai yo, she so troublesome sia... help her choose clothes still pick this one pick that`one. Haiz... ... Pei Fu, pei fu.

But well today b4 going to her house, i went to return VCD. Guess what? When I step into the VCD shop I heard Fung and Vincy's duet. My first reaction was OMG!!! Haha, I'm so happy. Well, I shall stop here. Amanda going to cook pasta le. Yeah...

Saturday, 11 October 2008

I just saw some pictures about Fung advertisement on spectacles. I'll post the pictures up.

Fung looks good in these spects. Haha, maybe I will consider to get the spects of this brand. Although currently dun need to wear spects, but I realise that whenever I look at the things which are too bright, it will be a bit blur. So maybe will make one but won't wear it very often as I look awful with spects and I can still see clearly at places which are of appropriate lighting.
Woo... Finally, after 1 week of exams, now finally it's over. Have been getting back result for the papers. Haiz... Just as expected, I've failed maths again. Well, I already knew it. But just hope that from next year onwards will not failed again as I'm taking O level next year. Hmm... as for science, it's lucky that I pass although I failed physics by 5 marks. But because I'm taking combine science so, it's lucky that my chemistry help me out.
Hmm... Nothing special to talk about. Currently watching The Four until episode 12. Erm... Nothing special happening in episode 11 and 12. Only thing is that Mo Ching ( Fung ) have started to investigate about his pass identity. So boring... Suddenly after the exams have finish, I find it quite boring like nothing to do. Haha... Well monday sure will be a tired day as the advance elective module is starting. 7 more days till meeting with Hannah and others...

I think I'll end my post here.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

After waiting, finally my Linda album have came. So happy when Hannah told me abt. I love the album, Linda even sign our name on it. Aww... So sweet of her. Now is waiting for the meeting at 18. Hannah will be passing us the album. Yeah, hooray. When I got my album, I can listen le. Have been waiting for so long. Well, I'm not posting anymore, I'll post the pictures up.

Group photo of our albums :)

My album sign by Linda. ( With my name on it ) Hahaha... ...

Friday, 3 October 2008

Yes!!! Wednesday will be my final paper for my exam. Finally, one week of suffer finally have over. Haiz... Today the maths paper I prepare to fail already. I leave a lot of blanks. But nvm, as if I never fail b4 like that. Have to really work hard for my maths. Studying maths with Amanda at end of year. The F&N paper and POA paper 2 coming up le. Quite worried for these 2 paper cuz I already put all my hope for POA in papaer 2. Cuz paper 1 out of 40, I only get 30.5, but well, just have to work hard for paper 2. As for Food and Nutrition, hmm... hope that the essay question can score as high as possible.

Another thing, finally finish Moonlight Resonance. Wow, I quite like the ending. Haha, Fung and Linda, and Moses and Tavia. Just finish watching The Four episode 6. Oh man, I'm doom already. As I continue watch The Four, the more I'm attracted to Fung. Die, die, die. Haiz... It's like I've been thinking of his character in the show. And another temptation is coming up le. La Femme Desperado is showing on Ch U on 9 Oct. Another Fung show. Die die liao, confirm will be like everyday is Fung. I think I must faster finish The Four and start with Legend of Demigod. Linda...

The voting for TVB award have start. Remember to vote.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Yesterday I heard from my Malaysia friend that Fung going to Malaysia JB to promote his album. When I heard it, I'm so happy about it. Although I'm in Malaysia during that period, but because I'm going with my cousin, my mum and my cousin friends, so this news although is good, but I'm disappointed. Cuz in the afternoon I called my cousin to ask her then she say we around 3+ or 4 like that then will reach JB. OMG, that is really a bad news for me cuz the function start at 3. Although there were 2 functions on that day, but I know that if I can't go to the function in the afternoon, then the 2nd function I can also forget it as well. Cuz it starts at 8 and which is my mum won't allow. If this time round I go only with my mum and cousin, maybe I still can have chance to see Fung, but well, if cannot then just never mind. Let's just wait patiently for him to come Singapore for function.
Haiz... So near yet so far... ...