Saturday, 31 January 2009

Today went to Michelle's house to watch the video that is taken on 17 Jan, starhub roadshow. Haha... It was really fun. We keep laughing when we were watching the video. Hmm... For wat reason, well, I think I won't post abt it. But it was really funny. Then after the video, I left mich's house and take bus to Clementi to meet up with Jing lei, Amanda & Cheng Ying. Lol... Jing lei went there the earliest then Cheng Ying the latest cuz something was delay and he came late. Then after that, we took MRT to paya lebar and cab to Mrs Mok's place.
Mrs Mok's place was quite big. Haha... Her son was so sute. Haha... Then today I did a thing. Which is........... PROMOTE LINDA & FUNG TO MRS MOK. LOL!!!!!!!
Cuz we were talking abt idols ( I also dunno why sudenly will talk abt it ), then Amanda point to me and say something. Then I go take the newtide mag and live it up. Then I pointed to the cover page and tell Mrs Mok that Linda is my favourite. Then I say still got one more. Haha, so coincidence that Fung's interview was in this week derh newtide mag. So I turned to that page and show Mrs Mok. Haha, when I turn then she saw, she say " lin feng ". Then me and Amanda ask her the same thing : " lao shi, ni ye dong shui shi lin feng ah? " Then Mrs Mok was smiling. Haha... This means she know. Then later she look at the mag, then she say " zhe ge nv de ( refer to Linda ) shi shui. Then I ask her " lao shi, ni you kan tang xin feng bao ma? ", then she say she got watch. Then I tell her " zhe ge jiu shi li mian de chang zai xin. Ta jiu shi na ge gen Alfred yi qi derh. " then the keep nodding her head. Hahahahahaha.......... Fung and Linda so famous between my teachers. So far those teacher that I've asked, most of them know their name. Cuz I asked Miss Wu ( my CCA teacher ), she also say she know Fung and Linda so that's why last time when Fung come SG on 26th Nov, then my friend told my teacher I'm going to see Fung. Then my teacher was laughing. Lol... Then I got one time I talk abt Fung with Amanda, then my higher MT teacher, Miss Poon heard it. She say " lin feng zhang de hen hao kan. " Hahahahaha....... So happy to hear that. Then I asked her again " ni dong shui shi zhong jia xin ma? " she say she know. Then I ask her got watch HOG, she say yes. Then I say Alfred and Sheung Zoi Sum very sweet rite, then she nod her head. Waa.... that moment I was super happy. Haha, I think next time I should promote Selena to my teachers as well. Lol........
Ok, I think that's all abt today. Have to faster use finish computer and do work.
ALL MY HOMEWORK, HERE I COME!!! Have to clear F&N research too. ALL MY WORK, HERE I COME!!! CHARGE!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

I just saw this passage written by a fan of Fung. OMG!!! It's so touching. So I thought of posting it here.




Credit : Baidu 林峰吧

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Gifts that Jessica gave to Myolie :)

Me with the "Yan Yan" pictures. Lol.

Myolie & Me =)

Noelle & Me with the "Fung Yan" picture. Haha, she holding "Yan's" picture, I'm holding "Fung's" picture. Haha..

Memories of this year...

Pictures added on 22/1/09

Grace : Arh!!! Naughty Ling ling, I'm going to beat u.

Jessica : Grace, I help u.

Ling ling : I'm innocent...

Jessica, Me & Grace :)

Ling ling to Grace : This is for u.

Grace to Ling ling : Thank you so much. I like the rose a lot.

** For all the lines that I wrote, it is not real. It's al created by me. **

Friday, 16 January 2009

Haha... Today I a bit over hyper. First thing in the morning make me hyper throughout the day. Lol... Today during silent reading period, I didn't get my newspaper, so I was looking around. Then I saw my classmate's paper, she was reading life section, and so coincidence, that page got... ... FUNG!!! Yeah, Fung pic, so I quickly borrow from my friend. My friend look at me, then she give me the same pattern againg, shake her head. Ting Hui and Paula arh... ... Naughty sisters. Qi fu mei mei... ... Then later during P.E, I keep making Paula. Hahahaha.... She wanna hit me liao... But she never. Haha... Well, I think I dun talk too much le, I'll post out the interview, but strictly NO copyright. Means that if u wanna post it somewhere else, pls credit the orginal source of the interview.

Interview :

Acting takes a backseat

TVB actor Raymond Lam wants to concentrate on his singing career with a new CD in the works

Hong Kong star Raymond Lam may have just won a best actor award for his role as a sect leader in The Master Of Tai Chi but the 29-year-old is concentrating on singing this year.
The handsome star won Best Drama Actor at the Asian Television Awards 2008 held in Singapore last month for playing Tuen Hiu Singin the 25-episode Cantonese period drama.
However, Lam, one of the most popular male artistes in Hong KongTVB station, told Life! in Mandarin over the telephone recently that he signed up for just one drama this year so he could focus on his third album. He normally acts in at least two TV dramas a year.
The as-yet-untitled album is slated to be released this year.
The first two albums by Lam, who sings in Cantonese, are Searching For You In Loving Memories (2007) and Your Love (2008). Both were hits.
He may be multi-talented but he is not one for the multi-tasking, he says. "When I think of myself as a singer, I will not be vice versa. If I am distracted, I will not be able to do my job well."
For his new album, the star, who is single, says he wants to have more upbeat songs compared to his earlier releases which contain mostly slow, romantic numbers.
It is only in the initial stage of production and he says he is unsure what the final product will be like.
During the interview from Hong Kong, Lam, who has also starred in TV dramas such as Moonlight Resonance and The Four, said of his win at the television awards : "I think I won because the show is about taiji and focuses strongly on Chinese culture. That makes it very different and unique, which is why it stands out."
The role was a tough learning curve for him as he had no martial arts background.
The hardworking actor had to learn the moves from a taiji expert for several hours a day in the month before production started.
He says : "There was a lot of close body combat in the duel scenes, so I was glad I took lessons beforehand."
He notes with some pride that many of his friends assumed he has a martial arts background when they watched the show.
He adds : "I am very glad because it means that the final product looks good and viewers can see that I used real taiji skills."
Lam, who comes from a wealthy family, was not popular with colleagues when he first ventured into the industry.
Critics called him a rich young man who was not enthusiastic about acting. However, he proved them wrong with his passion for the craft as well as the awards he garnered. Besides his recent award, he also won Favourite Male Character and Most Popular TVB Artistes Blog at last year's TVB 41st Anniversary Awards.
He usually plays brooding heroes, but says he would love to play a role involving a crazy, schizophrenicand psychotic character.
He says : "Such role would be fun because it is different and I know I would be able to handle it. Most importantly, the script must be very good."
As for which sort of role he prefers - period or contemporary - he says he has no preference.
He likes period roles which portray a historical person because that poses and interesting challenge for him. But he also like modern roles, he says because he can add more elements to a character.
** End Of Interview **

Credit to : Straits time Life! section
Typing credit : Ling ling @


Sunday, 11 January 2009

Today went out with Qiong min to CCK & JP. Haha, we pro derh lor. I wanted to go out and buy photo frame, but in the end never buy because is was so expensive. Thise photo frame I saw cause a lot. So in the end give up and never buy. When we went to JP's gardian, we saw Tanaka White product, then because of Linda, I took the smal booklet. Haha, cuz got her face on the booklet. Then me and Qiong min went to shop. Later we went to NTUC becuase I wanna see the Fung poster abt Nugeno's man, a skin care product for man. But sadly, it was gone. Haiz.... But nvm, today is still very fun. Lol...

I now got soar throat & runny nose. Stupid sia.... Now then sick, sian arh... Maybe because never really take care of myself. Haha... :P
Hope to get well soon. Ok, I'll end my post here. Have to go and sleep. Tmr have school and OMG!!! Getting O level chinese result. Dun feel like getting it...

Tags reply :

mins : Yeah, today have lots of fun. Haha... We damn funny today. Lol... I know I'm over kpo liao. Go all the way to NTUC to see the poster. Haha, but in the end, the trip was wasted. Haiz... And it's time for us to save money to buy new phone. Lol....

Paula : Yo, thanks for the tags. But dun forget u still owe me something...

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Woo... Finally manage to find some time to come up here and post.So busy since school starts. Haiz... Flooded with lots of assignment but luckily ytd and today dun have much homework, so there is time for me to come up here. But tmr, sat & sun have to finish up all my maths holiday assignment. Monday nid to passup. Oh no... Die... Hmm... but when school starts, erm... I find that now when I'm in maths lesson, I find that I can understand what teacher is saying and can do maths qns with correct answer. It's like finally... Cuz last time when I do, is either stuck halfway or wrong answer. But now, yeah, can get correct answer. Tmr got perfomance for Sec 1 orientation. Tired... Then tmr and sat have to go Ngee Ann poly. What a crazy schedule I have. Going to go faint soon...

Really super tired. SYF, O level come at one short. Wth... I wish that SYF can be over asap. I seriously nid time to study. Well.... I think I'll stop here. Have to go prepare my things for tmr...

Saturday, 3 January 2009

1st post for 2009. Hmm... still quite good in school, but 2 of my subject have change to other teacher. OMG!!! I dun wan... I want the teacher who use to teach us to continue teaching my class. Sian... Once I know change teacher, I'm like... Eh... I'm so funny lah. When I was listening to my maths teacher talking, I just fall asleep. Oh no... Then I just wake up suddenly, lol... Haiz... Now in sec 4, cannot sleep during Maths lesson and must pass maths. Haiz... Next week got maths test. Wah biang... Mati liao.

Haiz... I'm feeling so disappointed... Dun feel like saying much abt why am I disappointed. Sian.... Haiz, have to finish holiday assignment....... I'm so boring!!! Suddenly like no mood. Lol... But I'll still study for my test. Of course, I have to pass maths.

Shall stop here. I'm very tired. I think I'll go and sleep.