Saturday, 30 May 2009

Finally I can come up to blog le. Now at Jing lei's house. Cuz my computer have broke down, so that's why I cannot go online so frequently. Today come up here, there are lots of things to blog about.

1st thing first, finally exams over and school holiday have come. And also, I've gotten back my result. As usual, I failed maths. Lol... But well, my clas position never change. Still 6th in class. And one thing that I realise, during the week of MT intensive, I'm having intensive maths. Lol... Cuz everyday I went to find Mr Chan to ask him to teach mr maths. Haha... Just like he said, hope that when similar question come out in future, I can do and sercure the marks sos that I can pass my maths.

2nd thing, I've watched Fung's alicafe advertistement already. OMG!!! He's so handsome in the ad. After I finished watching, I told ting hui that I sort of got "dian4 dao4" by him. Lol... Oh ya, and btw, the coffee is out for sale in all supermarket I think. Cuz I saw prime supermarket selling it. Haha... When I told my mum that I wanna buy and try, she ask me nice or not. Haha, for the first time she never say anything. Lol...

3rd thing, it's already 30th of May. Another 18 more days to Fung's concert. Hope that nothing will happen cuz the news say that the H1N1 cases in HK have rise up to 20 cases. Haiz... And one more thing is that I'm waiting for Fung's 3rd album. Hope that it'll be out soon.

Ok, so much for today. Haiz... so sian... I shall post again.

Life have lots of ups and downs.
True friends are the ones that will accompany you through.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

These few days, I'm feeling quite ok. Already gotten over with my result, wat the other say are rite, "It's only mid year, not O level." I will study very hard during June holiday.
Fung's alicafe ad was featured on ch 8, but only very short. Around a few sec because this brand was the sponsor for the ch 8 show. So, take note if u wanna see the ad.
Next week no lesson for me, so I'll be finding my subject teacher to clear my subjects. No choice, after mid year, I realise that some of my subject are dropping. Haiz...
Yeah... I'm waiting for the meeting with Hsieh Hui. And next will be Noelle, if she can come out. Haha, Hsieh Hui... Our ice cream. Hahaha... The mango ice.
Arh... And one more thing is that finally my HK trip got hope. Cuz few days back, my cousin sms me and we were chatting with each other. Then I tell her, if can then, we go HK together at the end of year. Then she say ok. Then the next day I told my mum, she say since my cousin is going, then she say no problem. OMG!!! Yay!!! I think my mum won't take leave and go with me le. Sad... nvm, after O level, I'll go out with her since she got leave once in a while. Hehe... :P Actually, it's been very long time since the last time I went shopping with my mum. Hmm... Around 2 years? I cannot rmb how long but I know it's very long ago since the last shopping trip. And... I'm going to tell my mum to bring me to Malaysia. I haven't been to Malaysia for 2 years already. 2 YEARS!!! Cuz is either my mum not free or I not free. Haiz...
Waiting for the trip and hope to rest... ...

I'll end my post with a line that I've been thinking for the past 2 days.

When I thought that hope was lost,
I see a ray of light penatrating through the ominous layers of dark clouds... ...

Monday, 18 May 2009

I'm so bored. Lol... Nothing much to do so came up here and post. I think I'm really over spending my money, my expenditure is way too much than my saving. It's like... OMG!!! And because of this, I'm broke. Haiz... If this continue, I think I should go and find a part-time job to earn money. If not my mum is going to kill me for over spending. I think the magazines aremaking me broke. Because I'm buying yes mag if kino brought in the version that I want. And I'm buying TVB mag also. So total is $9.60. See, almost $10 spent on mag. Siao liao. I think for real my mum is going to scold me already. No choice, have to try my luck to find a part-time job in order to earn back the money. And I'm going Kbox with Jing lei and qiong min this June holiday. See, going to spent money again. Haiz...
Speaking abt that, I've signed up to volunteer in helping in library. That will be my CIP for June.
Woo... I'm getting myself involve in lots of things. mm... but well, no worries because I've already plan out my study schedule for June. Oh ya, speaking abt that, this reminds me of the accounting quiz which will be in the month of July. Oh my goodness, I think for the last week of the holiday will be intensive POA. Lol... Cuz after finish planing, I'll only be using the first 3 weeks to study. Then the last week is sort of resting and revision week. But now it seems like I have to focus more on my POA. Faint.
Ok, I'll stop here. Sian... Later still have to do maths. And I just hope that tonight I can have a good sleep. Dunno for wat reason, I've not been sleeping well for the past few weeks. It's so..... And, tmr will be getting back the result. Well, for certain subjects, I already can guess wat kind of result I'll get. Lol...

Friday, 15 May 2009

Exams are over!!!

Yay!!! Finally I'm free from exams. Waa.... During the one week plus of exams, seriously it's going to kill me because I cannot really sleep well. Haiz... I think I'm going to sum up all my papers.

SS --- Pretty sure that I will fail because my source based got 2 question I give the wrong point. Then by the time I realise my mistake, the paper is going to end. The marks for that 2 particular qns are 6 and 7 marks respectively. And for my essay, that one is even worst. 12 marks qns I only manage to write around 1/4 of the foolscap. (SS, gone case).

Higher MT --- Gotten back my result already. I cannot believe it. I passed the mid year paper. And I cannot believe that I score 48 for my compo. Because the maximum I go is 45/70. And my letter writing, I score 15/20. First time score quite well because for letter writing, I last time always score the most only 13/20. I thought I'm going to failed my paper 2 because the qns are so difficult. But surprisingly I still manage to get a pass. Phew...

EL paper 1 --- Manage to survive through but the compo part very difficult. The proposal writing part is ok.

Geography --- Manage to survive for geography. The qns are quite straight forward, but some I already forget how to do. And for the level descriptive question for the section B, the one that I read never come out, the one that I cannot rmb came out in the qns. Haiz...

POA paper 2 --- Forget it. I think I'll score very badly for this. Because the qns given is very weird. I still can rmb the qns. So for qns 1, I think I won't even pass. As for other qns, it's still ok.

E.maths paper 1 --- Haha, no nid to say, I confirm fail my maths. No doubt for this. Lol...

Physics paper 2 --- Hmm... Manage to survive this paper. Most of the qns I can do. Now have to wait for result.

EL paper 2 --- Quite difficult. So I dunno whether I can pass or not.

POA paper 1 --- Another gone case for this paper. I got 2 qns dunno how to do and the total marks for these qns are 14 marks. And qns 1, I total forgotten abt source document, so 1 qns I didn't write anything, partly also not time to finish. So 14.5 marks gone. And it's like... Paper 1 is only 40 marks. Sob... My A1 for the subject.

E.maths paper 2 --- This was totally crazy. Super difficult. The whole of the vector qns I cannot do. And there goes my 10 marks...

Chem paper 3 --- It's easier than I expected. But I've made quite a few careless mistake...

Food & Nutrition --- Section A is quite easy, but from section B onwards, most of the qns are thinking skill qns.

Sci paper 1 (Chem, Phy) --- Physics part is quite ok, is only chemistry part. And the last qns for chemistry is very weird. The qns give 3 reaction and ask us to identify which reaction can produce hydrogen. So it's confirm a metal + acid reaction. But only reaction 2 and 3 is metal + acid reaction, but the option does not have reaction 2 and 3. It gives 1, 2 & 3 which of reaction 1 is metal + water. Hmm... Gonna ask teacher abt it.

Well, now waiting for next tuesday, checking of the paper. And yeah, monday no school cuz it's marking day. I finally can rest. Ok, I shall end my post here.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Finally, after a few days, today finally can go into deep sleep. I was taking afternoon nap today cuz I'm super tired. Just now was a bit too high liao. Lol... Cuz Fung's concert theme song and the MV for the song is out. Heard that this song will be those fast type. Arh!!! I want the song. And now arh, I starting to feel a bit regret why must my O level fall on this year? Haiz... Cuz the more I read the news abt the concert, the more I feel like going. If no O level this year, I'll make sure that I go for the concert. Sob.... I feel like going.... And today saw the news saying that at the concert, Fung will sing his new song in his 3rd album. So I hope that the album can release before his concert.
Nvm, shall not think of going to the concert. The more I think of it, the more I feel like going... Lol. Nvm shall wait for the DVD to be out, which is higher chances they might release. Once it's release, I'll buy it :)
I shall end my post here.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I suddenly have to urge to go HK to watch Fung's concert. Have been reading the news for his press con on 11/5 and today's news. OMG!!! I really envious those that can go. Cuz he'll be dancing with Michael Tse together. Is like... OMG lah. Haiz... But I know I cannot because of exam. Nvm... I shall pray hard that EEG will release the DVD for the concert. I really wanna watch...

And YES!!! Finally, friday will be end of my mid year and will be going out with Amanda, Paula and Cheng Ying. YAY!!! Long time never team up with Amanda for time crisis already, really missed the time that I play with her. Cuz that Jing lei always like to "suan" me when I play time crisis 4 with him. Hmph...

I'm so tired. Didn't sleep well these 2 days... Actually to be exact is I cannot sleep. Lol... Nvm, I shall end my post here. Nid to revise for tmr's paper. Shall perserver!!!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

I know it's very late in Singapore already, but no choice, I just reach home. The time now in Singapore is 1:35 and I reach home only 25 min ago. And this have to thank who? Have to thank Fung. Because of the video shooting, we have to drag until very late. Well, I'm going to post about today.

Morning when I was on the way to school, I pass by a bakery shop and I stop to buy waffle. While waiting for the waffle, I heard FM93.3 playing Linda's song. Is like... I was so happy to heard that. Then later in he afternoon, went to CCK to meet HH to pass her the posters. Then we went to print photos, shop for present and eat ice cream. Then after eating ice cream, we sat at the shop for 2 hours to chat. Haha... After that 5:15, I went back to gombak to take my LED light boards, and went to Raffles to meet up with Bernice. After that, we proceed to one Fullerton there with our video shooting. A lot of funny things happen during the filming. The most funniest part was when Elaine have to act as Sheh to kiss Kathy which act as Fung. Hahaha.... When we watch the playback, we all were laughing very hard. Lol... During the filming, a Caucasian saw us and he came to ask us what we are doing, then we told him that we were filming video. Then he saw the jacket that shuli wore, and he saw Fung's name. So he said : "Raymond Lam. Who's that?" Then dunno who say that he's our friend. Haha.... Then when we were filming another scene, a group of youngest went by and saw the boards that we were holding, then she was like, " lin feng ma?" then we was like... ya. Then she scream. Lol... Then later she say can take picture of us or not. And arh... it's really like lots of ppl are looking and take pictures of us when we were filming.

Then later we went to Kathy's office to do our very last part, recording of the song. OMG!!! This part was totally a killer. Haha... Cuz we tried a lot of time then are we satisfied with the recording. And today, we finally know the pain of artiste. Haha... Cuz when we were filming the different scene, we keep NG or the position is not right, so end up have to re-take and re-take again.

And so, today everything lasted for like 5 to 6 hours? It's super long. And because of this, my mum was angry with me for being home late. What the other was right, maybe next time we can consider to charge Fung for our OT fee. Waa.... If really can then we'll be earning a lot. Haha...

Ok, I shall stop the post here. It's 1:47 on my clock and I have to go and sleep cuz tmr have to wake up early to go to temple. I shall post again.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Manage to survived through Geography and POA paper 2, but most likely , POA paper 2 won't score very well because didn't have time to finish one part because I made a mistake in my question 1 and have to re-copy the whole thing into a new piece of paper which too me 25 mins. So, by the time I realise that my question 2e haven't finished, the time is already up. And there goes my 3 marks. And suddenly forget about the correction of error, which I still revise with qian yu before the paper. Argh!!! And there goes my 1 mark, and for the 3 reason of opening control account, I only manage to rmb 2 which the the one that I always write, so I only wrote 2 reasons, and another 1 mark gone. Haiz.... And one thing is that when I'm doing the POA paper, my hand was trembling. First time ever I experience this when doing POA paper. Last time when I did the LCCI test also never have this. Is like so omg...

Ok, I dun talk abt it already. Tmr is E.maths paper 1 and physics paper. Just now stay back and ask Mr. Chan question, hope this can at least help in tmr's paper. If not, same again, I can forget abt passing maths. But oh well, it's like until sec 4, the only time I pass my maths is the speed time graph test. Then after that failed the graph test by 4 marks. It seems like the only topic that I can score quite good, at least better than my other topic, is only graph.

Ok, I shall stop here, later have to revise for maths and physics. First time so hard working in my life. Lol...

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Finally, after waiting for 1 moth plus, I finally know my result for the LCCI level 1 paper. I got credit for the paper. OMG, I was so happy when I know the result. Because at first, I thought I'll failed the paper because I never study petty cash book. But now, I feel so relieve. So much abt good news, now comes the bad news.

Today just did my combine science practical. OMG!!! Whole practical is gone. When I was doing the practical, my hand was shaking. Lol... Haiz... When I was doing my physics, I measure the angle wrongly. Idiot, I suddenly forget the correct way of measuring cuz my mind went blank. Refraction experiment confirm die. Then as for chem, one of my experiment I think I do too slow, then the gas escape. End up I observed nothing. Stupid.

Forget it, shall not think too much, still need to reserved my energy for revision at night. My geog is like... when I read the notes, I cannot get the information into my head, and T haven't even touch my POA yet. Siao liao... And physics is on friday. Faint... Some of the topic I still dunno. Siao liao... Really is like so jia lat. But nvm, after mid year, I promise that I will work very hard during June holiday. I'll get back the time I lost in March holiday.

I shall stop here now. Have to offline soon and start to revise my work.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Arh!!!! My stress are back again because I'm showing all the symptoms. 1 week before exam, everything was back again. Because after I wake up from my sleep, it feels like I never rest at all. End up, in class, I always get headache and feel very tired. And worst, the ay before my first paper, I sleep until middle of the night, and I wake up on my own at 3+. It's like.... wth... Haiz... Now trying all means to release my stress. If not I think by the time I finish my mid year, I'll collapse. Lol... Actually is becaue I scare that before O level, it will be much more serious. So now must learn to release stress. Hahaha....
Haiz.... Ytd paper was a gone case. Only manage to survive for English paper 1. As for SS and Higher MT, both is a gone case. SS was like..... Those that I never study, it all came out for the test. Wth... And higher mt, I give a lot of crap in my answer because the questions was so difficult for the Section B. And worst still, the mark for section B is 12 question, including one summary is 50 marks. Faint... My summary always not very good. So, this time round sure mati.
Haiz.... I think I'll stop here. I shall post again.