Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I have decided that I will stop posting at the blog here but meanwhile, my alivenotdead blog will still be active as nowadays, I'll only update my stuffs at AnD as I can chose to lock certain post up just for friends to view which I couldn't do here.

So... For blog update, pls proceed over to my AnD blog www.alivenotdead.com/lingling1307

Once again, I gotta say I have a fun time posting here for the past years. But I couldn't manage so many place. Weibo, twitter, AnD. So... After 4 years, I'm gonna say bye bye to this blog. Although I feel so 不舍得 but... I still have to. Rather than leave my blog hanging like that.

So... I hereby announced that this blog is offically closed (but the sidebars such as "star gazed" and stuffs will still be updated) from today, 8 March.

Bye "Evalasting Love". This name shall be transfer over to my AnD blog.