Monday, 29 October 2007


I found something quite interesting.

This year,TVB have film lots of show.There are 2 show which have give the audience deep impression.One is Heart Of Greed,another one is Drive Of Life.

Heart Of Greed is a show where lots of people are disscusing about it.Drive Of Life is a show which TVB and CCTV film together.

So Heart Of Greed is better than Drive Of Life.Both of the show I have watch already.Heart Of Greed is a show where once you watch it,you will be attracted by the storyline.Drive Of Life is the starting of the story is quite boring.But when it came to the middle of the show,it started to get very exciting.

This year's TVB anniversary for the best series,it will be
Heart Of Greed v.s Drive of Life

As for 2008,there will be another mega production which is Jewel Splendor and there will be Heart Of Greed pt2.

For next year TVB anniversary,it will be
Heart Of Greed pt2 v.s Jewel Splendor

For 2008,Hmm...I wonder which show will win?Cuz both of the show are very exciting.As for the cast of the show,my favourite is of course Heart Of Greed pt2.
For the time being,we will just wait and see...

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