Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Nomination for TVB 40th anniversary

Best Actor:
1)Roger Kwok (Glittering Days)
2)Bobby Au Yeung (Dicey Business)
3)Joe Ma (The Conquest)
4)Har Yu (Heart Of Greed)
5)Moses Chan (Heart Of Greed)
6)Michael Tse (The Family Link)
7)Michael Tao (On The First Beat)
8)Ron Ng (On The First Beat)
9)Sammul Chan (On The First Beat)
10)Sunny Chan (The Green Green Grass of Home)
11)Kevin Cheng (Devil's Disciple)
12)Bosco Wong (Devil's Disciple)
13)Damien Lau (Drive Of Life)
14)Michael Miu (Drive Of Life)
15)Raymond Lam (Drive Of Life)
16)Wong Hei (Fathers and Sons)
17)Steven Ma (Steps)
18)Wayne Lai (Steps)
19)Men Don't Cry (Dayo Wong)
20)Yuen Biao (Ultimate Crime Fighter)

Best Actress:
1)Liza Wang (Glittering Days)
2)Sheh Charmaine (Glittering Days)
3)Jessica Suen (Dicey Business)
4)Tavia Yeung (Dicery Business)
5)Michelle Yim (The Brink Of Law)
6)Shirley Yeung (The Brink Of Law)
7)Myolie Wu (War and Destiny)
8)Lee Sze Kei (Heart Of Greed)
9)Suzanna Kwan (Heart Of Greed)
10)Linda Chung (Heart Of Greed)
11)Sheren Tang (The Family Link)
12)Kiki Sheung (The Family Link)
13)Sonija Kwok (On The First Beat)
14)Christine Ng (The Green Green Grass Of Home)
15)Sharon Chan (Devil's Disciple)
16)Bernice Liu (Steps)
17)Kate Tsui (Steps)
18)Cecilia Yip (Men Don't Cry)
19)Yoyo Mung (The Ultimate Crime Fighter)
20)Gigi Lai (The Ultimate Crime Fighter)

Most Favourite Male Character:
1)Ling Fung [Roger Kwok] (Glittering Days)
2)Cheung Loi Fu [Bosco Wong] (Dicey Business)
3)Mou Gei Yung [Stephen Au] (Best Selling Secret)
4)Lau Wah [Wong Cho Lam] (Best Selling Secret)
5)Tong Yan Kai [Har Yu] (Heart Of Greed)
6)Tong Zhi On [Moses Chan] (Heart Of Greed)
7)Alfred [Raymond Lam] (Heart Of Greed)
8)Fong Yin Joe [Michael Tse] (The Family Link)
9)Ko Wing Kuen [John Chiang] (The Family Link)
10)Chung Lap Mun [Ron Ng] (On The First Beat)
11)Lee Pak Kiew [Sammul Chan] (On The First Beat)
12)Choi Ka Sing [Sunny Chan] (The Green Green Grass Of Home)
13)Wah Mun Hon [Damien Lau] (Drive Of Life)
14)Wah Mun Sek [Michael Miu] (Drive Of Life)
15)Ngai Tin Hang [Ng Wei Kok] (Drive Of Life)
16)Ngai Weng Biu [Joe Ma] (Drive Of Life)
17)Mun Tin Chi [Bobby Au Yeung] (Fathers and Sons)
18)Ko Ching [Wong Hei] (Fathers and Sons)
19)Cheng Ka Jun [Steven Ma] (Steps)
20)Lee Lik Keong [Wayne Lai] (Steps)
21)Ho Kei Kin [Dayo Wong] (Men Don't Cry)
22)Wong Fei Hung [Lam Ka Wah] (Men Don't Cry)
23)Yuen For Sun [Yuen Biao] (The Ultimate Crime Fighter)
24)Chong Mun Hei [Kevin Cheng] (The Ultimate Crime Fighter)

Most Favourite Female Character:
1)Kam Yin [Liza Wang] (Glittering Days)
2)Chu Yuk Lan [Charmaine Sheh] (Glittering Days)
3)Lee Qing Wan [Jessica Suen] (Dicey Business)
4)Tham Chu Mei [Tavia Yeung] (Dicey Business)
5)Song Ka Yee [Shirley Yeung] (The Brink Of Law)
6)Koo Ping On [Myolie Wu] (War and Destiny)
7)Wong Ka Nam [Esther Kwan] (Best Selling Secret)
8)Diana [Alvina Kong] (Best Selling Secret)
9)Ng Hang [Kam Yin Ling] (Best Selling Secret)
10)Ling Hao [Lee Sze Kei] (Heart Of Greed)
11)Ling Lei [Michelle Yim] (Heart Of Greed)
12)Wong Sau Kam [Suzanna Kwan] (Heart Of Greed)
13)Seung Joi Sum [Linda Chung] (Heart Of Greed)
14)Mung Ka Ka [Sheren Tang] (The Family Link)
15)Cho Mei Ngor [Kiki Sheung] (The Family Link)
16)Shu Siu Man [Leila Tong] (The Family Link)
17)Yuen Wei Nei [Sonija Kwok] (On The First Beat)
18)Yip Mun Zhi [Christine Ng] (The Green Green Grass Of Home)
19)Lee Sum Ying [Bernice Liu] (Steps)
20)Cheng Ka Mun [Fala Chen] (Steps)
21)Yeung Sze Man [Kate Tsui] (Steps)
22)Ling Yuk Chui [Cecilia Yip] (Men Don't Cry)
23)Keong Nga Yu [Yoyo Mung] (The Ultimate Crime Fighter)
24)Wong Jing Ying [Gigi Lai] (The Ultimate Crime Fighter)

Best Supporting Actor:
1. Paul Chun (Glittering Days)
2. Benz Hui (Dicey Business)
3. Power Chan (The Conquest)
4. Ngoh Wah (The Brink Of Law)
5. Law Lok Lam (The Brink Of Law)
6. Jack Wu (Ten Brothers)
7. Chui Wing (Best Selling Secrets)
8. Wong Cho Lam (Best Selling Secrets)
9. Stephen Au (Best Selling Secrets)
10. Lau Dan (War And Destiny)
11. Sek Sau (War And Destiny)
12. Evergreen Mak (Life Art)
13. Chris Lai (Heart Of Greed)
14. Louis Yuen (Heart Of Greed)
15. Kenneth Ma (The Family Link)
16. Derek Kwok (The Family Link)
17. Al Wei (The Family Link)
18. Johnson Lee (Devil's Disciple)
19. Ng Wai Kwok (Drive Of Life)
20. Bryan Leung – (The Ultimate Crime Fighter)

Best Supporting Actress:
1. Halina Tam (Glittering Days)
2. Yoyo Chen (Best Selling Secrets)
3. Mimi Lo (The Change Of Destiny)
4. Leila Tong (The Family Link)
5. Florence Kwok (On The First Beat)
6. Gigi Wong (Drive Of Life)
7. Toby Leung (Drive Of Life)
8. Mary Hon Ma Li (Fathers And Sons)
9. Fala Chen (Steps)
10. Claire Yiu (Steps)
11. Charmaine Li (Men Don’t Cry)
12. Natalie Tong (The Ultimate Crime Fighter)

Most Improved Actor:
1. Wong Cho Lam (Best Selling Secrets)
2. Wong Yee Hing (More Than Words/ Go! Hong Kong, Go!)
3. Johnson Lee (Devil's Disciple)
4. Jack Wu (Ten Brothers/Is That Right)
5. Amigo Chui (Scoop/Buzz/Jade Solid Gold/Enjoy Yourself Tonight)
6. Matthew Ko (Steps/The Ultimate Crime Fighter)
7. Stephen Huynh (Dicey Business/Steps)
8. Stephen Wong (Brink Of Law/Steps)
9. Vin Choi (Brink Of Law/Best Selling Secrets)
10. Lai Lok Yi (Glittering Days/Ten Brothers/Heart Of Greed/Green Grass Of Home)

Most Improved Actress:
1. Selena Li (Change Of Destiny)
2. Nancy Wu (Ten Brothers)
3. Kate Tsui (On The First Beat / Steps)
4. Natalie Tong (Life Art / The Green Grass Of Home / The Ultimate Crime Fighter)
5. Leila Tong (Ten brothers / War And Destiny /Family Link)
6. Yoyo Chen (The Brink Of Law / Best Selling Secrets)
7. Fala Chen (Heart Of Greed / Family Link / Steps)
8. Sharon Chan (Glittering Days / Devil’s Disciple)
9. Toby Leung (Drive Of Life)
10. Bernice Liu (Brink Of Law / Devil’s Disciple / Steps)

Best Series:
1. Glittering Days
2. Dicey Business
3. The Conquest
4. The Brink Of Law
5. Best Bet
6. Ten Brothers
7. Best Selling secrets
8. War And Destiny
9. Life Art
10. Heart Of Greed
11. Change Of Destiny
12. Family Link
13. On The First Beat
14. The Green Grass Of Home
15. Devil’s Disciple
16. Drive Of Life
17. Fathers And Son
18. Steps
19. Men Don’t Cry
20. The Ultimate Crime Fighter

Most Favourite Host
1. Amigo Chui (Jade Solid Gold)
2. Wong Yee Hing/Suki Chui/Sam Cheuk Ying (More Than Words)
3. Michael Hui Koon Man (Deal Or No Deal I)
4. Alfred Cheung (Deal Or No Deal II)
5. Lydia Shum (Where Are They Now)
6. Hiromi/Wang Cuiling (Tohoku Travel)
7. Miriam Yeung & Sammy Leung (Minutes To Fame)
8. I Love U Boyz (Laugh Affairs: 愚樂I LOVE U)
9. Nat Chan (Challenge Of The Stars)
10. Choi Lan/Vanessa Yeung (Market Trotter)
11. Adam Cheng/Wong Yee Hing/Konnie Lui (Msyteries)
12. Dina (The Rise Of Great Nations)
13. Gigi Wong (Secrets Of Soup)
14. Harlem Yu & Patrick Tang (Foodie 2 Shoes)
15. Liza Wang/Dodo Cheng/Amigo Chui (Enjoy Yourself Tonight)

Best Creativity:
1. More Than Words
2. Is That Right
3. The Web
4. 光影流情
5. Laugh Affairs: 愚樂I LOVE U
6. Colors Of Love
7. Foodie 2 Shoes
8. A Vegans Gourmet Notebook

Best Variety Show:
1. More Than Words
2. Deal Or No Deal
3. Where Are They Now
4. Tohoku Travel
5. On The Road
6. 光影流情
7. Body Talks
8. Market Trotter
9. Ten Years After
10. Secrets Of Soup
11. Foodie 2 Shoes
12. Strictly Come Dancing

Best Promotion Clip:
1. Heart Of Hong Kong
2. Mr. Hong Kong Contest 2007
3. Miss Chinese International Pageant 2007
4. Devil’s Disciples
5. The Rise Of The Great Nations
6. Chinese New Year
7. Valentine's Day Special
8. TVBuddy
9. Star Of Kung Fu
10. Drive Of Life

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