Sunday, 18 November 2007

Feeling sad & happy

After knowing the result for the TVB anniversary,I'm quite disappointed with it.All those who deserve to get,have got nothing,But those who do not deserve,got an award.Haizz,I really don't know how TVB think.

I feel happy is because at least Raymond got an award.But what I know from other is that,he look unhappy when he get Mainland most favourite actor.What I wanna say is that Raymond have already try he's best.This year cannot then maybe next year.I'm sure that one day,everyone will agree with him getting the awards.Hope next year he can be the same as Moses,got 2 awards at the anniversary.Or better still,get 3 awards.(Best Actor,Most Favourite Male Character & Mainland Most Favourite Actor).

As for Linda,I'm quite sad that she did not get anything,But like my friend say,she still young,have lots of chance to get the award.

Anyway,wish all of them the best for next year's.Now I'm waiting for next year's TVB anniversary.Hope next year can be better.All must Ka Yau!!!

**The Following is my own opinion.No offence to others**

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