Friday, 9 November 2007

TVB show that I've watch...

Don't know what to write.So suddenly feel like writing down all the TVB show that I've watch.(it's not according to the year)

Father and Son (Yoyo Mung,Bobby Au Yeung,Wong Hei)
Drive of Life (Raymond Lam,Charmaine Sheh,Myolie Wu,Joe Ma)
Devil Disciple (Bosco Wong,Sharon Chan,Bernice liu,Kevin Cheng)
A Change of Destiny (Steven Ma,Benny Chan,Selena Li,Shirley Yeung)
Heart of Greed (Linda Chung,Raymond Lam,Yoyo Mung,Tavia Yeung,Bosco Wong,Fala Chen)
Best Bet (Michael Tse,Linda Chung)
Ten Brother (Kenix Kwok,Frankie Lam)
The White Flame (Sammul Chan,Charmaine Sheh)
The Brink of Law (Steven Ma,Ron Ng,Bernice Liu,Kate Tsui)
Dicey Business (Michael Miu,Bobby Au Yeung,Tavia Yeung,Bosco Wong)
Face to Fate (Raymond Lam,Frankie Lam,Tavia Yeung,Nancy Wu,John Chiang,Anne Heung,Selena Li)
Maiden's Vow (Joe Ma,Charmaine Sheh,Sammul Chan)
Forensic Heroes (Frankie Lam,Linda Chung,Bobby Au Yeung,Yoyo Mung)
Net Deception (Wong Hei,Myolie Wu)
The Dance of Passion (Charmaine Sheh,Gigi Lai,Moses Chan,Ada Choi,Bowie Lam)
La Femme Desperado (Melissa Ng,Sheren Tang,Kate Tsui,Kenneth Ma,Michael Tse,Raymond Lam)
Under The Canopy of Love (Niki Chow,Bosco Wong,Kevin Cheng)
A Pillow case of Mystery (Kenix Kwok,Bobby Au Yeung,Benny Chan,Tavia Yeung)
Greed Mask (Christine Ng,Roger Kwok)
Hidden Treasures (Sonija Kwok,Bobby Au Yeung)
Yummy Yummy (Raymond Lam,Charmaine Sheh,Kevin Cheng,Tavia Yeung)
War-Of-In-Law (Liza Wong,Bosco Wong,Myolie Wu)
The Gacircteau Affairs (Myolie Wu,Joe Ma)
Just Love (Jessica,Sunny Chan)
The Academy (Sammul Chan,Ron Ng,Fiona Sit,)
Prince Shadow (Tavia Yeung,Sheren Tang)
Love Bond (Bernice Liu,Moses Chan,Michael Tao,Kenix Kwok)
My Family (Alex Fong,Shirley Yeung)
Shades of Truth (Chilam Cheung,Gigi Lai,Tavia Yeung,Wong Hei)
War and Beauty (Charmaine Sheh,Gigi Lai,Sheren Tang,Bowie Lam,Moses Chan)
The Last Breakthrough (Raymond Lam,Leila Tong,Sharon Chan,Bosco Wong,Selena Li)
Conqueror Story (Melissa Ng,Maggie Cheung)
Split Second (Yoyo Mung,Kevin Cheng,Mandy Cho,Marco Ngai)
Shine on You (Michael Tao,Kenix Kwok,Bobby Au Yeung)
Twin of Brothers (Raymond Lam,Ron Ng,Leila Tong,Nancy Wu)
To Catch The Uncatchable (Ada Choi)
To Get Unstuck In Time (Flora Chan,Roger Kwok)
Handful of Love (Joe Ma,Jessica)
To Love With No Regrets (Bosco Wong,Sherming Yiu,Anne Man)
Angels of Mission (Charmaine Sheh,Sonija Kwok,Shirley Yeung)
Dream of Colours (Myolie Wu,Melissa Ng,Sharon Chan,Rain Li)
Hard Fate (Flora Chan,Kevin Cheng,Niki Chow)
Armed Reaction IV (frankie Lam,Ada Choi,Yoyo Mung,Bobby Au Yeung)
Lady Fan (Jessica,Joe Ma)
Point of No Return (Charmaine Sheh,Cilam Cheung,Sammul Chan)
Triumph Into The Skies (Ron Ng,Sammul Chan,Flora Chan,Joe Ma,Kenneth Ma,Bosco Wong)
Seed of Hope (Kenix Kwok)
Not Just A Pretty Face (Roger Kwok,Joey Yeung)
Survivor Law (Raymond Lam,Benice Liu,Sammul Chan,Myolie Wu)
Better Halves (Maggie Cheung,Steven Ma)
Fate Twister (Ada Choi,Lawrance Ng)
The W Files (Tavia Yeung,Roger Kwok,Anne Heung)
Virtues of Harmony 1 & 2 (Nancy Sit,Frankie Lam,Bernice Liu,Linda Chung,Steven Ma)
Ups & Down In The Sea of Love (Maggie Cheung)
In The Realm of Fancy (Shirley Yeung)
Vigilante Force (Bowie Lam,Joe Ma,Benny Chan,Tavia Yeung,Kenix Kwok)
The Threat of Love 2 (Nancy Sit,Lawrance Ng,Kevin Cheng)
Witness of A Prosecution 1 & 2 (Bobby Au Yeung,Charmaine Sheh)
Whatever It Takes (Benny Chan,Anne Man)
Lofty Waters Verdant Bow (Raymond Lam,Rain Li,Michelle Yip)
Square Pegs (Jessica,Roger Kwok)
Take My Word For It (Bobby Au Yeung,Anne Man,Kenix Kwok,Chilam Cheung)
Where The Legend Begins (Ada Choi,Steven Ma)
A Trust of A Life Time

**The cast of A Trust of Life Time,I forget the cast.

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