Saturday, 16 February 2008

Today went out with Jing Lei,Cheng Ying,Cheng Ying's god sister and her cousin.
We have a fun time,but that Cheng Ying... ... I was so angry with him.He keep saying me,I was so angry.
Haizz...That Cheng Ying arh,no money still wanna buy present for his god sister.He spent $14.90 on the present.

We wnt to Timezone and play.Haizz,when I play time crisis with Jing Lei,I keep losing to him.Is guy really that good at playing shooting?Cuz quite a few time I play with Amanda's bro,he also win me.After me and Jing Lei play time crisis,he and Cheng Ying proceed to play Initial D 4.Wow,can't believe that Cheng Ying keep wining Jing Lei.After they play finish,we went to eat.After we eat,we went back and play again.

This time round,I ask Jing Lei to play with me table hockey,he refused.Then while we were watching Cheng Ying play Initial D 4,Amanda call me.When we were chatting,I tell Amanda that Jing Lei don't want to play with me,then Amanda scold Jing Lei.Haha,serve him rite.

Later at around 6+ ,we went to take neoprints.That Jing Lei arh,don't want to take properly.STUPID!!!Waste everyone money.

I reach home at around 8 cuz actually I can reach home by 7+,but because Cheng Ying and Jing Lei want to play Initial D 4,so I'll have to wait for them.

That's all for today.See you guys soon...

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