Saturday, 12 April 2008

Finally,The Master Of Tai Chi left 1 more episode and I'll complete the whole series.On the whole,I think that this show was quite good but there are some parts which I personally think that it is not that good.I think the best actress for this show is definitely going to be Melissa Ng (as Song Ching).I love her character,she acted well in this show.Hmm...I don't really like Myolie's character (as Chi Kwai).OMG,I can't stand her character in this show.So irritating at the first part. (*No offence to Myolie fans*)

I find that this show was kind of funny.Almost every episode,there will definitely be crying scene.I really dunno why it have to be like this.Some part is really quite sad,when u watch it u also feel like crying.Actually I'm also quite upset that the rating for this show is quite low.Almost every week is 28 points.But now that the show have ended,so no point discussing this thing again.

Now going to watch A Journey Called Life.I've been waiting for this show cuz I wanted to see Linda's performance in the show.But so far,quite a lot of people say that she was doing great in this show.I just saw some pictures about episode 1 & 2.She's so playful in it.Haha... ...

After watching A Journey Called Life,I'll be waiting for The Four,Heart Of Greed 2 & Forensic Heroes 2.I hope that The Four can show after the first week of May.Cuz if it show before that,I maybe cannot watch as I'm having exam.

Ok,I've finish posting.I'll post again next time.

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