Thursday, 24 April 2008

Haizz..Random post again.Yesterday just saw a news about Fung.My godness,I was so pissed off when I read the news.Stupid reporter,always like to write things which is not true.I'm sure those of you who have read the news,you would know what I'm talking about.Well,I really feel not worth it for Fung.Now I just dun feel like talking about it anymore,just let it slowly fade away.

Suddenly have the urged of chasing stars.Cuz just now view some photo at Scorpio East website,then I suddenly missed the day when I go out with my friends and chase our favourite idol together.

Recap of my star chasing experience with friends

February 2007
The very first time that I went to support my idol was last year Feb.And the stars that I first saw them off screen was Linda,Kevin & Angela.The 'first time' was rather memorable.I went to the 2007 starhub roadshow with Vanessa (She was the first SG Linda fans that I know).We went there super early.The event start at 3 but both of us went to Vivo city at 11 +.Then later we went to eat cuz Vanessa haven't eat her breakfast.After we finish eating,we went back to level 1 and started to queue up for the autograph.We waited for 2 hours +.But it was fun.

P/S : Long time never go out with Vanessa already.This was 1 year ago,but fortunately we still got keep contact with each other.Just hope that we have the chance again.

09 March 2007
This was the second time I went star chasing.This time round I went with Qiong min.We went to both places where they were.This time round,the artist are Shirley,Steven,Tavia & Roger.Was happy and angry during this journey.Cuz when we reached 2nd venue,the people there keep pushing us when it's time for the autograph session.OMG,it was totally chaos there.At the first venue,it was not so bad.I was lucky to get their autograph but Qiong min was not lucky enough.Cuz she told me that got people push her away.

19 January 2008
This year's was the one I enjoyed the most.Actually,I went there on my own.I know I'm super crazy cuz the event start at night 7.30 but I went the 11+ .But it's ok.When it's 1 +,I went down to level 1,hoping to get a good place.Then later I saw a girl,she's Grace.Actually I know her from MSN.Then after we chat with each other for a while,we went to occupied spaces as Bosco's fans was going too.Then later Jessica and her friends also came.Hannah came too,but it was later part of the day,around 3+ to 4.I love this star chasing experience cuz I really really enjoyed it.

P/S : Hope that there will be chance for me to go out with Linda and Fung's fans to support them when they come SG.But hope they dun come at the same time cuz I dunno which side to go.

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