Saturday, 8 November 2008

Yesterday night was a lucky night for me. Before I sleep, I turn on the radio to listen. At first I was scrolling all over the radio channel to listen, but later decided to when back to listen to FM93.3. Who knows the DJ say " xian zai wei ni song shang yi shuo hao ting de ge. Na jiu shi lin feng yu yong er de ming tian yi hou. " For those of you who do not understand chinese pinyin, it means " yi ga wei nei song sheung yat shao ho ting ge gor. zao hai lam fung tong wing yi ge ming tin yi hau. " Then my first was... "OMG, are you kidding me? " I really cannot believe it. Haha, indeed last night was a pleasent night for me.

Just finish watching Gem Of Life episode 9 & 10. Wow, it's getting more and more exciting. But too bad I'll have to wait a little longer till I can see Linda appearing in the show.

Sian... Monday have to go for camp. I dun feel like going, cuz thursday got test for my AEM course. TEST!!! I missed my monday lesson and there's a test on thursday. Sure mati one. I haven't even started my revision for the test. Die...

One last thing, to all Fung fans, pls get a copy of U weekly on monday. Fung is on the cover page.

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