Saturday, 6 June 2009

New post

Finally got the chance to come up and blog. Haha, now at Jing lei's house with Qiong min and Tze hsin. Hmm... Lots of things to talk abt.
1st thing, today morning went to prime supermarket with my mum. When I was abt to enter, I saw Fung's alicafe picture outside the supermarket. Wahaha.... I got a shock. Lol... Then ytd when I watch HOG on a Malaysia channel, they show alicafe's ad during all the commercial time slot. At first I was still thinking why they show so many times, but later when the show ended, I then know that alicafe was the sponsor for that show. And one more thing is that Fung will be going to Malaysia to promote alicafe in the month of July.
2nd thing, when I go to CCK library to do CIP on monday, I saw shu hui there. At first when she came in, I dun dare to confirm. Then until she wave to me, then I know it's really her. Hahaha... So coincidental.
3rd thing, ytd nearly late for the structured programme.Actually I already woke up at 5.30 but I went back to sleep, thinking that I will hear my alarm clock.But who knows I cannot hear and I happily sleep until 6.30. Luckily I woke up, if not cham already.
Haha, I dunno whether izzit I watch too much alicafe ad or wat, ytd night when I close my eyes, the alicafe ad keep showing up. Lol...
One last thing, it's 6th June already. Another 11 more days till Fung's concert. OMG! It's like so fast... When the news is out, it's in March. And now already June.Time really passes through very fast.
Ok lah, I shall stop here cuz have to do my coursework because monday have to pass up. Shall post again if I can borrow comp from my friend. Haha...

Time passes through very fast,
We have to compete with time in order to be ahead...

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