Saturday, 3 April 2010

Ytd went out to meet Jeslin and go Suntec to look for things. Actually we were suppose to meet at 11 30, but cuz I missed the train, end up, I reach there at around 11 45. After I reached, we went to have our lunch and later went to walk around Suntec. Later around 1 plus, I went to Jeslin's house and we watched some old videos of Fung. Later at around 3 plus or 4, we called Bernice up and chatted for awhile then ask her out to meet up and have dinner. So, we went to pick her up at her place at 6.40. We went to airport T3 to have dinner.

We decided to go to the Xing Wang Hong Kong cafe to have our dinner. Ordered quite a lot of food. Haha... Halfway through when we were eating, Jeslin said why they never played Fung's song, then I said who knows later u say finished they might play? Haha... OMG... So coincidence. The moment the song that they were playing currently, ended, I heard Fung singing In search of you in love memory. I was laughing and I tell Bernice and Jeslin to listen. Cuz they were playing the music at a very soft volume, so need to listen closely to it.

Later after the dinner, we went walk around T3 and chatted for awhile. Reach home at around 11 50.

Finally, I've managed to memorised the lyrics and finished learning "ngo muen hen ho" canto version. As for mandarin version, shall wait till after easter holiday where all the overseas radio station started to promote this song, then I shall learn. LOL... Ok, shall not post anything more. Shall post again...

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