Saturday, 1 May 2010

Very tired... Ytd went to tampines to meet Bernice after my tutorial that end at 1. Waited for Qiong min and we went together. Went shopping together then went to basement to wait for Bernice. Woo... All the bags that she bring was so heavy. Then she ask Qiong min to choose some to take home. Then later Qiong min went home and Bernice and I went to eat. Waa... It was so full after the meal that I didn't even wish to move... LOL... Then later I choose those bags I want and Bernice throw away those that we dun want. Because I choose a lot, end up the whole thing was so heavy, and I have to carry it from tampines back to bukit gombak. Luckily today my muscle never ache.

Later need to go out, shall offline and go prepare. As for those bags that I've bought home, I have to buy a box and keep it inside. If not, I dun have space to put them...

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