Sunday, 14 October 2007

Feeling about this year (2007) TVB show

This is what I feel about this year TVB show.At the starting of the year,the show did not give the audience much surprise,except for The Brink Of Law,Ten Brothers & Best Selling secrets.The rest give the audience a kind of feeling that the show is just for entertain purpose.There are some which are better are Change Of Destiny & The Green Grass Of Home.

When the show that is airing near the second half of the year,then it started to impress the audience.For example Heart of Greed & Father and Son.Both this show give the audience surprises.I'm sure that quite a lot of people will never think that the plot for Heart of Greed will turn out to be like this.

As for Father and Son,it give the audience a kind of very warm feeling as it talks about the relationship between the parents & children.

Drive of Life did not have much surprise.In fact,at the starting,the plot is quite normal.Only when it came till the middle of the show,then it turn exciting.

Now I'm waiting for quite a lot of show.For example The Seventh Day,The Master Of Tai Chi & 'Yuk Min Ling Long' .

Hope that these show will be nice:)

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