Saturday, 13 October 2007

Who I think will win at this year TVB anniversary

Best Actor : Moses Chan (Heart Of Greed)
Raymond Lam (Drive Of Life)

Best Actress : Lee Sze Kei (Heart of Greed)
Michelle Yim (The Brink Of Law)

Best Supporting Actor : Benz Hui (Dicey Buisness)
Chris Lai (Heart Of Greed)

Best Supporting Actress : Fala Chen (Steps)
Claire Yiu (Steps)
Natalie Tong (The Ultimate Crime Fighter)

Most Favourite Male Character : Alfred [Raymond Lam] (Heart Of Greed)
Cheung Loi Fu [Bosco Wong] (Dicey Business)
Tong Zhi On [Moses Chan] (Heart Of Greed)

Mast Favourite Female Character : Seung Joi Sum [Linda Chung] (Heart Of Greed)
Ling Lei [Michelle Yim] (Heart Of Greed)
Ling Hao [Lee Sze Kei] (Heart Of Greed)
Tham Chu Mei [Tavia Yeung] (Dicey Business)

Most Improved Actor : Lai Lok Yi (Glittering Days/Ten Brothers/Heart Of Greed/Green Grass Of Home)
Stephen Wong (Brink Of Law/Steps)

Most Improved Actress : Selena Li (Change Of Destiny)
Natalie Tong (Life Art / The Green Grass Of Home / The Ultimate Crime Fighter)
Bernice Liu (Brink Of Law / Devil’s Disciple / Steps)

Best Series : Heart of Greed
Dicey Buisness
Father & Son

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