Thursday, 15 November 2007

2008 TVB show that I will watch

Show that I will watch

I've been waiting for this show for very long time.Actually,I wasn't interested in Young Four Great Constable.But because I watch another show which is also Four Great Constable.Then from that on I've develop a great interest to this show.When I heard that TVB is going to film this show,I was very happy.In addition,the cast in this show I like a lot.My most Favourite is Raymond,so I will watch this show.

Have been watching Heart Of Greed this year.It is very exciting .Woo,I love the show.There are two things that I love about this show.One is the cast & one is the storyline.I feel like watching Heart Of Greed 2 soon.Cuz the story is very attractive.I wanna see Bosco & Raymond fighting over for Linda and Moses,Kate & Tavia triangle love.Of course the fight between the family memeber is also what I want to watch.I wanna see the ending.

The cast & story quite nice.I wanna see how Linda is in this show.Cuz in this show,she will be acting as a rich girl which toy other guys feeling.Of course I also wanna know how Bosco tame her.If I'm not wrong,Bosco & Linda will be pairing with each other.

I like Survivor law pt1.I watch that show when I was around 9 or 10 years old.I remember in pt 1,the four main cast are Raymond,Myolie,Sammul and Bernice.Untill now,I still remember Survivor law.Cuz back then I did not really like to watch TVB drama untill when I'm 12.I really hope that pt2 can be as good as pt1.

I've been looking forward to Forensic Heroes pt2 ever since the pt1 finish.Cuz the ending is too sudden.At first when I know that there will pt2 I was very happy,but after when I know the storyline,I feel like crying.Linda is going to die in this show.I DON'T WANT!!!Then later after Linda die,Charmaine will be with Frankie.OMG,I don't think they look good with each other.

Yeah,another Linda show.I hope to watch this show cuz Linda will be acting as a bad girl,again.But this time round,she is worst than in Jewel Splendor.Haha,nvm,no matter how bad she is in the show,I will still like her.I wanna watch Steven in this show.OMG,he is like...Haizz,nothing to say.Linda treat him like that,he still wouldn't give up.Hmm...such a nice guy.(but Raymond better.Haha)

Tai Chi,this show I've been waiting it for a very long time.I think not only me,others have also been waiting for this show for quite a long time.Poor Selena,she's so pathetic in this show.

I wanna watch this show.Shirley is very beautiful in this show.The story also seems to be quite nice.Wonder will Shirley be with Ron?

This show seems to be a comedy show.When I read the show title,I was thinking,will it be a comedy show?Although I'm not so sure,but i hope to watch this show soon.

Me and my mum have been watching Burning Flame pt 1 & 2.So actually,I will watch ths shos is because of my mum.Burning Flame 3 should be a new story.Cuz it seems to have new cast in this show.

Show that I may watch

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