Thursday, 15 November 2007

What the hell...

I just watch Steps episode 17 & 18.OMG,I hate that Amanda in the show.She very what sia!!!
Hate her lot.She purposely make Tsun's(Steven Ma) mum injured her leg.Poor Bo Bo,cannot dance because of that Amanda.I was like so angry when I watch that part.Fala also very naughty,she go and help her mum's enemy.
Haizz,but in the last episode,she like being sentence to jail.(if I'm not wrong)
But anyway,now i'm waiting for 2008 show.Maybe next year can save sometime at watching show cuz next year show only like very few of it have the artist I like.

To:Amanda (my friend)
Do not mistake what I say in here.Cuz I'm talking about a show.Then so coincidence,the show have one character have the same name as you.If you view my blog,you must read this message:)

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