Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A 'Steps' into the world of dance

Finally finish watching Steps.I love the ending of the show, romantic!!!Tsun(Steven Ma) propose to Sum Ying(Bernice Liu) in the 'snow'(the snow was man-made).
As for Karman(Fala Chen),is good that she realise her mistake.She was sentence to jail to to pushing Amanda down the stairs.
That Amanda,I hate her so much that I feel like slapping her.She's so...Don't wish to talk about her.

After watch Steps,I feel like learning the dance in the show.My godness,the dance is really pretty.I love Waltz & Rumba most.I love the music of both dance.So soothing.Especially Waltz,the music is really romantic.I love the costume of the dance too.It is like butterfly with the two 'wings' (the two pieces of cloth on the dress).

I really hope to learn all the dance in the show.I hope that Steps can have part 2 cuz I really wanna watch Tsun & Sum Ying.

Next show that I'm planing to watch is Survivor Laws 2 which is show on Dec 24.But in SG,the VCDs will be out around 3 days to 1 week later than HK.But I also have to see will there be anymore show coming up.If there is then maybe I will consider to watch 2 show at a time.(next month other than survivor laws 2,I still have lots of show to watch).I'm going to die already......

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