Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Yesterday,me,Amanda,qiong min & Amanda's brother go Causeway point.We went to watch movie.Doreamon & Bee movie.Doreamon movie was so touching,I almost cry when I watch.Amanda really cry when she watch it.After watching it,we went to time zone and play.At 1:10,we went back to the cinema to watch Bee movie.It was really funny.Then after watching it,we go food court and eat our lunch.Later we went shopping for a while.At around 4+,Amanda's brother went back to Causeway point to find us.Cuz after watching Bee movie,he left to help his teacher.Later we go time zone & play again.The four of us very "good",We spent around $50+ playing game at time zone.Actually qiong min did not play much,is only me,Amanda and her brother was playing the game.

Feel like playing there again,but have to finish the holiday assignment first.Luckily I only left with English,Maths,POA & Geo.


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