Saturday, 29 December 2007

Hi everyone,sorry about not updating for such a long time.I was sick for the past few days.Now I'm going to update about what I'm doing for 1 whole week.

22 Dec 2007
Went to meet up with Angela and Jeslin at City hall.We sit outside starbucks and chat.Of course we were chatting about Fung and the fun things happened to both of them while they were in HK.I was laughing when they told me about Fung at the birthday party and at the function on 8 Dec.
Fung is playing throughout the birthday party.If I'm not wrong,at the starting of the party,fans from different countries were arranged to used different languages to say "Happy Birthday" to Fung.When it came to Singapore fans(Angela and Jeslin was in too) Fung said something which is really shocking.He said : "You all use Singlish and tell me." Angela and Jeslin said that they were shocked when Fung said that.I was shocked too when I heard Angela and Jeslin said that.At last,they say "Happy belated birthday" to Fung.
We stay at City hall up till 7+.When I when home,I was sick.I kept sneezing and sneezing,for that whole night,I did not sleep well.

23 Dec 2007
After I woke up in the morning,immediately I have fever.For the whole day,I either sit or lay at the bed.Cuz whenever I walk,I will feel like vomiting and fainting.In the afternoon,my mum asked me to go see a doctor,but I kept saying no.At night around 8+,I really cannot take it already.My body was so warm,and so my mum take me to the doctor.Luckily it was only common flu,so after taking the medicine,I felt much better.My aunt and aunt-in-law came to Singapore that night.My cousins came too,they arrived at about 11 30.

24 Dec 2007
The fever have gone and I'm feeling much better.Nothing to do on that day.Only watching TV,listening to music and going to website.So boring... ... At night after 12 00,I received quite a lot of Christmas message.Thanks to those who sent me.

25 Dec 2007
It's Christmas.When to my cousin's house to celebrate Christmas.It's quite fun there,but later on I have nothing to do.Luckily,I lend my cousin computer to watch show and listen to music.
I received quite a lot of present and all is what I wanted.So happy!!!I slept quite early that night cuz the next day still have to go back to school for dance practise.

26 Dec 2007
When the alarm clock ring in the morning,I don't feel like waking up.I'm too tired to get off the bed,but no choice have to go back to school for practise.Luckily I was not feeling well,so I'm excuse from dancing.for the 3 hours,I sat there doing nothing.But there was air-con in the dance studio,so it's OK.

27 Dec 2007
Feeling much better,so I dance.Who knows when I went home,my fever started to came back.My cheeks was hot and I'm starting to feel like vomiting.Haizz,so poor thing.

28 Dec 2007
Cuz I'm not feeling well again,so I'm excuse from dancing.The practise hour is quite long for that day but I went home early.1 more week till preformance.

This is what I'm doing for the 1 whole week.There might be not much update since school is starting.
That's all for today.


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