Monday, 7 January 2008

Waa...Stressssssss!!! I'm so stress out with my school work.It's only today then got time to update my blog.
It's been the 2nd school week.Wow,that's fast.Actually,at the first day of school,i'm not quite use to it.But slowly i'm use to getting up early in the morning.Haizz,but very tired!!!
These few days,I kept having homework.Fortunately,I still have time to watch show.Currently watching Survivor Law 2 (as you can see on the top left hand corner under "currently watching").It's a good show,it's highly recommended to all of you.
Today will be another short update.No choice,I don't have enough time,have to go do homework and revise for class test.

Bye and see all of you again


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