Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Very tired

I've been sleeping at around 2 to 3+ a.m for these few days.Very tired,but no choice there are lots of holiday assignment waiting for me to do.Although I only left with Maths,but it have 4 specimen paper.Untill now I only do finish paper 1 part 1.Haizz left 3 more weeks till school start.

Today went to watch movie with Amanda,Amanda's bro & Qiong min again.We went to watch Fred Claus and Hero.Ai yo,when I watch Hero,I almost fell asleep.It's so boring,they keep on dragging the story.At the starting of the story,it was quite interesting,but when it came to the middle part,it gets very boring.

I'm really wanna sleep...................zzzzz

Hope to get enough sleep for the coming week.

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