Saturday, 19 January 2008

Arh...SO happy today.Get to see Bosco,Myolie,Bobby,Kevin,Wong Hei & Charmaine.
The event starts at 7:30 pm but i reach there quite early.Around 11:30,I reach Causeway point.So boring when i reach there,so I go and shop.Later 1+ ,I go to the stage there to queue up.So happy,get to queue at the first row.I was shouting as loud as I could when they came out.

Woo...Bosco & Myolie so CUTE!!! When they play game,Bosco & Myolie group kept losing.Then when they were counting the "yuen bo" Myolie & Bosco group have the fewest "yuen bo",then Myolie scold Bosco in mandarin "dou shi ni de cuo" then Bosco very paiseh,then he take the chopstick and he face Myolie and he knee down for like 5 sec.I was so angry that I cannot take that picture.Cuz got 1 lady in front of me go block the view.But it doesn't spoil my mood.I was lucky to win 2 TVB calender and 2 sets of autograph,but the 2nd set,i'm giving away to my friend and cousin.

Overall,I'm so happy today cuz i get to shake hand with Myolie 2 time,Bosco 1 time and Kevin 1 time.
T_T Charmaine never shake hand with us.
Hope to see them in SG again.

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