Monday, 11 February 2008

Hi everyone,long time never post at my blog already.So sorry beacause I've been very busy for the past few weeks.Today I'm going to tell all of u somethings that I've done over these few weeks.

6 Feb 08
Finally finish my CNY performance.Finally have time to rest,I have been staying back late at school to practise for the performance.Luckily everything was very smooth on the day of performance.When I go back home,I was so happy cuz the next day is holiday.

7 Feb 08
Yeah,is CNY.I'm so happy cuz can collect red packet.In the afternoon,my cousins and uncle came to my house,then later we went to my cousin's house.It was quite fun there.

8 Feb 08
Went to Sentosa with Song yi for the flower exhibition.The flower that was exhibited in Sentosa was beautiful.At first in the morning,I meet up with Song yi at Bukit Batok MRT station.Then we take MRT to Outram Park and change to Harbour Front.When we reached Harbour Front,we were walking around to find the place where we can take cable car.After walking around,we finally found the place.The queue for cable car was quite long.When we saw the price of the ride,me and Song yi was so shock.Cuz at first we was queueing behind,so we cannot see the price.When we were close to the counter,we was shocked by the price.After discussion,we decided to go have lunch first.When we went to Vivo city,we found out that there is monorail from Vivo city to Sentosa.So after we have our lunch,we went to take the monorail.The price for taking monorail was much much more cheaper than the cable car.Finally after all the trouble,we reached Sentosa.

Currently I'm busying with my school work and common test.Finally the March holiday is coming.Hope this year can have TVB star tour.Yes is another month for star chasing...
That's all for the time being,I'll update soon.


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