Saturday, 12 January 2008

My god!!!Raymond really angry about it.I'm not sure how many of you have been to baidu Raymond forum.If you have,I'm sure most of you have seen a post where the author post a picture of Raymond sleeping when he was on the airplane.Actually the whole thing is when this fans was on the plane,he/she(most likely should be a female fans) saw Raymond as they were taking the same plane.So coincidence,Raymond was just sitting beside this fans,and she notice that it was Raymond.So she ask Raymond for autograph,then later she ask Raymond to take picture with her,but Raymond say that he just wake up and he don't feel like taking picture.After Raymond say that,the fans never pester him again.Then Raymond when back to sleep again.This time round,the fans take a picture of Raymond while he was sleeping and she post up to baidu.

The news I saw on baidu says that when Raymond saw the picture while he was surfing the Internet,he was very angry about this.He also said that he feel that he have no privacy at all.

Actually I can understand how Raymond feel about this.If people do that to me,I will also feel very angry.
Just hope that Raymond don't be angry anymore,cuz from what I know he haven't recover from his sickness yet.
Hope he will get well soon and no fans or any other people will do this to him again.

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