Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Yeah!!!!Finally back from camp.Woo..So tired,but it's quite fun after all.The following is what we have been doing from 25 to 27.

25 Mar 2008
I'm not really excited at the first day.When we reached the camp site,we have our lunch.After the lunch,we change into our short and P.E t-shirt for the next activity,nature rumble.OMG,that was the worst experience for me.We have to go down to the pool of muddy water.The water was so dirty that we can't even see the ground.Luckily I don't have to put my head down into the water as I'm scare of water.The next thing we do is the WORST of all.We have to go into the mud pool and make our self with lots of mud.Yuck,the mud is like... ... Eventually I never went down,if not,I will be died.Next we went for kayaking,again i never play because I dunno how o swim.I heard that it's quite fun but i never regret not playing it.

26 Mar 2008
It's quite tiring for the second day.I did not get a good sleep the night before.Early in the morning after breakfast,we have to practise for our dance item for the camp fire which is held on the same day.We were having lot's of fun when practising.After the practise,we went to play high element.My goodness,the thing is so tall.Same thing,I never play.OK lah,I know got lots of things I never play,but I'm willing can.
At the camp fire night,we were shouting like mad.I like the dance and cheer from my class.It's awesome.

28 Mar 2008
Yes!!!Finally can go home already,but before that we have to do area cleaning.We were so unlucky that we have to wash girls toilet.MY GOODNESS,the toilet is so dirty.The boys from my class was going to vomit when they see things that they shouldn't have.The toilet was totally in a mess,we were so tired after cleaning the toilet.
And after the area cleaning,we went back to our school,then from there,we were dismiss.

The following are some cheer from my class.

1st cheer:

Instructor : "Are you ready?"
3E1 : "Every ready
3E1 itchy gonna fight
*4 claps*
*4 claps*
*4 claps*
Nah... ... ..."

2nd cheer:

Everyone : "V.........pom
Hurray hurray hurray haha
Hurrah hurrah hurrah hehe
We will win,you will see
3E1,3E1 win,win,win"

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