Saturday, 1 March 2008

Today go out with Angela,Jeslin,Bernice,Pauline & Helen.(all my jie jie)

We meet at city hall at 2 p.m,then after everyone have reached we went to Food Junction to eat.After eating as you know,we talk about Fung.All of them share their experience when they were in KL.Haha,it's so cute and funny.Thanks Angela for lending me New Breath Of Love (in chinese is "ai qing xing hu xi").
We were talking and laughing.OMG,Ah Fung so cute!!!Jeslin told me that when she pass the chocolate to Fung,he take already immediately put it into his bag.His action was so fast that Jeslin and Angela was shock when they saw that.Ai ya,ah Fung always like that one leh.

We sit at Food Junction for a very long time.From around 02 10 to 9+.Haha we so pro rite.We can talk for so long.

It's quite fun to chat with them.I shall end my post here cuz it's quite late.

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