Monday, 10 March 2008

Yes!!!Finally holiday have come,can concentrate to watch my show.But at the same time,have to do my holiday assignment.Sian arh,why teacher have to give so many holiday assignment?

But anyway still got time to watch show.So far I've finish watching watching New Breath Of Love (ai qing xin hu xi),on the way watching Drive Of Life & Just started watching Master Of Tai Chi. *smile* Seems like I'm quite busy.Hmmm...but still ok cuz today got time to post.Let's talk about TVB show.

Now I'm watching Master Of Tai Chi,it's really a good show.I'm not sure how many ppl are the same as me.I like the fighting scene cuz for me I like martial art,so eventually I will like this kind of show.
Hmmm...Is The Seventh Day nice?Cuz If it's nice then I will watch it as when the new term start,I'm not sure whether I have enough time to watch it or not.Normally during school day,I don't have enough time to online and watch show.

I shall end my post here.I'll post later.

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