Sunday, 30 March 2008

Yesterday go Outram park with Paula and Mdm Ratna to attend a talk on eating healthy.The notes provided is very useful for my F&N coursework.Before that,me and Paula meet each other at mac to eat.Then at 12+ , Paula accompany me to CCK to buy present for Linda.Haha,I buy 'gui gui' for her.OMG,the 'gui gui' is so cute.Me and Paula look already also feel like having one.Then we saw doraemon,so I tell Paula,if Fung come SG,I will buy doraemon for him.Haha,I know it seems like a little bit children,but those of u who know Fung personallity,u will sure know that he is really 'xiao hai zi' .Sometime u will find him very cute,for me,I treat him as my big brother.

Enough for today post.Sian arh,tmr have to go to school.Weekend come so fast and end so fast... ...

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