Saturday, 5 April 2008

Today go to Jurong library with Ting hui & Bao kun.We went there to revise for our school work,then later on we went to Jurong entertainment centre to take neoprints.When we were taking neoprints,Ting hui keep laughing cuz Bao kun dun really know wat pose he should do,then do all pose like so funny.That's why Ting hui laugh.

Then later we went to Westmall,Ting hui go home first so me and Bao kun go Burger king and eat.Later we went to library and stay there for about 1 hour.Later I went to This Fashion and shop for cloths.Sorry Bao kun for letting you to wait so long.Cuz when I was shopping for cloths,Bao kun was standing outside waiting for me for 45 min.So sorry... ...

So tired for today,tmr have to go out again.I'll end my post here.

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