Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Haizz...Nothing to do so I came up to post.School work is so stress especially now is nearing the exams.Sometimes really don't feel like going to school... ...Anyway I really very dunno what to say about my brother.He's been re-watching Heart Of Greed for the past few weeks,really dunno what he's thinking about.We always do the same thing when we were watching Heart Of Greed,that is having debate with each other.Cuz whenever we watch the part where Fung and Yoyo together,my brother will always say Alfred (Fung) not good,then say a lot of bad things.So when I heard that,I will of course get quite angry,so I will keep debating with him.

But he's quite funny.Cuz last saturday when I watch The Master Of Tai Chi episode 18,he kept crying at the last part ( The part where Yung pak tsun (Lau kong) kill himself,then Hiu sing (Fung) and Song ching (Melissa Ng) cry untill very badly).Untill now I still don't understand why he was crying.I admit that the last part was really very sad but will not really cry when watching it.When I laugh at him,he say I'm cold-blooded.The both of us always quarrel with each other but we awhile then like nothing happen like that and talk to each other.

Ok,enough for today post.I'll post again when I have finish watching The Master Of Tai Chi (5 more episode to the end).Yeah,after that I'll be watching A Journey Called Life.Waiting to see Linda.And one more thing The Four will be showing soon but not sure when.The theme song is sang by Fung,Ron,Kenneth and Sammul.

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