Thursday, 14 August 2008

Today came to update again.

1st thing : I'm sure that lots of you know that quite a lot artist are going to release album, well I'll just update some that I know.

15 Aug 2008 --- Releasing of Susanna's album
20 Aug 2008 --- Releasing of Linda's album
** 20 Aug 2008 --- Releasing of Love TV album
Sept 2008 --- Releasing of Fung's album

For your information, Love TV album is a compilation of TVB theme and subtheme song. It have song such as A Journey Called Life theme song, Moonlight Resonance theme song, Maiden's Vow theme and subtheme song, Best Bet theme song and etc.
I believe now most of you already order Linda's album from Linda garden and sent in the order to FF for Fung's album.

2nd thing : Now have been watching Moonlight Resonace. I'm now at episode 8, ok I know I'm slow. It's getting more and more exciting. Waiting for episode 16 cuz I saw it some where saying that they celebrate Lee sze kei's birthday, then Moses act as Hor ma, Fung act as Aunt Sa then the the rest I forget already. Well, let's just wait and see.

3rd thing : Linda, Steven, Kent and Maggie will started to film a new show tmr. In this show, Linda will be acting as tomboy. Remember to support this show.

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