Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hmm... Another 2 more days till TVB anniversary. Hmm... A bit excited because watching in a large group. Haha, I know that we sure go crazy. Hmm... update a bit on what I'm doing recently and some information on magazine.

Recently watching FH1 and Gem Of Life. Haha... 2 Linda shows. Yeah, now waiting to see Linda to appear in Gem Of Life. Wow, she so fierce in Gem Of Life. Haha, but she look so cute when she went into Moses office. She immediately lie on the sofa. And now after re-watching FH1, I find that this year Linda's show, all like make her until very mature. Cuz Lam ding ding ( Linda ) in FH1 is cute cute type. Hehe :p

Hmm... For those of you who can get I weekly, pls buy a copy of it. Fung, Charmaine, Tavia, Bosco & Linda was on the cover page. Hmm... I think I'll post the result for Favourite Artiste.

Top 10 Male artiste :
1) Raymond Lam
2) Moses Chan
3) Bobby Au Yeung
4) Bosco Wong
5) Ha Yu
6) Kevin Cheng
7) Bowie Lam
8) Damian Lau
9) Roger Kwok
10) Michael Miu

Top 10 Female artiste :
1) Charmaine Sheh
2) Myolie Wu
3) Lee si kei
4) Tavia Yeung
5) Linda Chung
6) Michelle Yim
7) Jessica Hsuan
8) Bernice Liu
9) Gigi Lai
10) Sheren Tang

Top 5 favourite drama :
1) Moonlight Resonance
2) Forensic Heroes 2
3) War-Of-In-Law 2
4)The Seventh Day
5)Catch Me Now

I think I'll end my post here as it is 2 am in the midnight. I'll stop here. Tmr have to wake up early to study for test.

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