Thursday, 18 December 2008

Came up here to post abt the past 2 days & today.

16 Dec 2008

Went to Hannah's together with Grace, Jessica & Hsieh hui. We went there to make things. Then later at night, we went to AMK hub to meet up with Heather, Germaine, Joyce & vee. Then later we eat there at the food court.

17 Dec 2008

Ytd went to City hall to meet up with Hannah, Michelle, Joyin & Joyce to do Linda christmas present. Woo... The day before I do the things till very late then sleep. Haha, when we reach City hall, we went to MOS burger to eat luch. Then later went to harvey norman to print pictures, then later went to print message and went to buy wrapping paper, paper binder etc... A lot of things. Haha... Then after we bought everything, we went to BK to start work. Woo... Surprisingly we work quite fast and we finish everything by 6 plus. Then later me and Hannah walk to Bugis to meet up with Jessica & sukai. Then later Grace came. After that we went to find a place to eat hotpot. Woo... Then later, Melody came too. Then we start eating. Lol... We were having fun when we were eating. Haha... we talk abt lots of things. So funny. Then later we went home at 9 plus.

18 Dec 2008

Today went to Michelle house to bake cookies. Hsieh hui & me went to Mich's house to put our things first, then later went to Holland Village to meet up with Jessica. We went to buy the ingredients for baking, then later go to food court to eat. Later we went back to Michelle's house to start baking. Hahaha... the four of us turn out to bake 193 cookies. Waa... Haha, we are very pro. Haha.

I think I'll post until here. There will be a detailed post on my alive not dead blog. But, just that same old word again, u'll have to add me as freinds in order to read the post cuz I've locked it up for just my friends to view.

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